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One cool and one clever for you:)
5 years ago
Liverpool is playing some really disapointing football at the moment.It would definetly be weird if Liverpool went to the Championship.
7 years ago
Real Madrid is doing really good at the moment.I think they have a chance in the Champions League.At the moment the only threat to them iss really Barcelona or ...
All of it could have been avoided with just a few compound sentences...
Its not 2 inches long, its three,GET IT RIGHT!!
Hae you, I gave you the crack, now wheres my money and don't think you can just walk away from me.
Im sorry giant bird, but I love a man now.
Another head's up- posting the lyrics to the Star Wars gangster rap may seem like a good idea, but this is actually considered spamming. And spamming is a no-no...
See what I did there? I just relieved myself of about 1mil FV.
Yea that smile in the Jennifer Anistan pic is a little bit queer.
Lots of Asian people look the same so this pick is only ALRIGHT.
Mate, stop spamming various parts of footytube with 5 pages of star trek quotes, capiche?
Lol.That is pretty funny.Squidward is cool though, Mike Riley is not.
Real was without many good players. Once people like Kaka and Ronaldo come back, Real will be pretty good.
Yea.Even with a billionaire they will fail.
Oh man, can it ever... wise words from Chelseafan220. For instance, and pardon to use you as an example, ACmilan03, but the sarcastic way he said "go chelsea t...
Just a heads up, basketball is best discussed in the off-topic section, where these kind of conversations can bloom into a beautiful flower; or something like t...
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