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"robben can dribble way better than messi" Sorry, but that is just bs.
6 years ago
O'rly? Did you come up with that all by yourself?
Welcome to the 21st century, my dear.
7 years ago
I certainly expected something more from the HOME SIDE. There is nothing wrong in counterattacking, but it is pretty pathetic that team like Real Madrid just st...
"I now officially hate barcelona" :´( This game was played in Bernabeu, Mardrid homeground. Barca was in no hurry to make a mistake for Real to harness. I wou...
Di Maria, Pepe and Marcelo had their fair share in oscar-competitions also. And Pepe did deserve that card. You will get sent off for a recless challenge like t...
Man Utd is making success with antifootball and luck.
Is it only me or have United games become dull as hell lately? If you count out Pool and Chelsea games.
Oh really? What about that disallowed goal for Messi in London (it should've been 0-2)? Or that penalty tackle on Messi at the very beginning of this match? Rv...
No, there needs to be "totally outclassed" chart. 0 shots to barcas 20
But he didn't cause there was three better palyers in Barcelona. Whine on, it doesn't change a thing.
Selfish? He could've gone for goal second time, but he backheeld it to iniesta who slammed it in. He has 8 assists so far this season.
Oh, and if it doesn't work in YOUR country for copyright reasons, select a US-proxy from here and set it as your proxy. To...
Absolutely beautiful! Best football compilation i've seen this year.
Oh, you didnt watch the games did you? Messi was playing as a CMF, making runs to middle and providing for Tevez and Higuain. He was the mastermind behind almos...
And your point was? I dont care if it were mongols and mexicans playing if they play that good. I also love the way Barca produces most of their own players. Y...
"The fact that the apprantly 3 best players in the world play in the same team and yet they couldnt even make it past the SF in the CL last season, what a farce...
We have seen what spain is capable of doing with suberb passing and tactics. Spain is not physical team, but years 2008 and 2010 speak for themselves. What the...
I am guessing Messi will make it in to next episode after his performance in Clasico.
Perdo, for sure. The goal on whole was pretty brilliant.
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