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Apparently bid is accepted. When I read that I went 'No sh!t it was accepted...' in my head. lol.
18 hours ago
Hearing rumours that Aston Villa bid 8 mil for Cleverly. I wonder if that is what LVG was alluding to when he said '... players will leave, others will come'. H...
19 hours ago
Question is, will he improve the rest of the wingers or will the rest of the wingers make him mediocre?
1 day ago
If this was FIFA, I would have bought out Young's contract by this time last year. Screw trying to find a suitor. He will find a suitor the moment you cut him.
No updates on the injury. He still has the knee injury which upon realizing United physios urged LVG to buy him. They figured if a player has an injury record a...
Oh the way some of them were passing the ball today they seemed 'special' alright.
2 days ago
Holy crap I thought Evans was a steal at 5 or 6 mil in dreamFooty. Glad I didn't buy him. He is either going to lose people a ton of points or not play enough t...
If we get Vidal, I think we can play a 4-3-3 -------------DDG----------------- --Rafa---Jones--Smalling---Shaw-- --------Vidal----Herrera--------- ------------...
The way the current midfielders are going we might well be out of the race for the 4th place by the next transfer window. Di Maria is good, no doubt. But you ...
3 days ago
Give our staff a choice to buy a central midfielder or splash an ungodly amount on an attacker and they will go with the latter. Every Goddamn. Time. Wow!
How can a top club like United end up with so many terrible players at the same time? I mean, I know that the accumulation was a slow and gradual process but it...
Not to take anything away from Fergie but it was NOT this squad. It was this squad 2 years younger PLUS Giggs, Vidic, Rio and Evra (and half a Scholes).
4 days ago
Its not hard to see why Di Maria rejected the contract. Ronaldo and Bale aren't going to get benched. James Rodriguez is going to play a lot as well. Isco is yo...
5 days ago
@SiF, he did say 'b or c lists' lol... j/k
Lol at getting Scholes back. His legs aren't just gone, they have retired twice over. haha.
1 week ago
Also we don't have 2 CBs who look good (or fit) enough to do a job in that system. We also have no depth in wingback positions. The only way the defender and mi...
I would take Yaya Toure and gladly look past his questionable present, so I would also gladly look past Alonso's past to accept (welcome) him into our midfield....
Oh, I have this feeling that RvP blocked another classic Jones-face. I can't help but extrapolate from that left-eye... lol
Not speculating on transfers just trying to understand the technicality of the ruling that's all. EDIT: Cool. Thanks guys.
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