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It is a little ironic that all these years Arsenal consistently got qualification to the champion's league and other teams took turns missing out. Then, Arsenal...
1 day ago
Kiranpmody gave the Harrop nets in Man United debut video a rating of 1
5 days ago
So who is the ideal striker to get this summer? Some of the names bandied about are Griezmann and Lukaku, and serious longshots like Mbappe, Benzema and Aguero....
1 week ago
The absolute silence in the forum regarding this game is perfectly representative of the club's approach to PL. I approve.
@Glory: No.
Or the silly season... transfer talk might be more interesting than the prospect of watching us play this season.
We've had that happen a couple of times under Fergie. We played Arsenal or Chelsea depending on who finished 2nd that year.
What a great idea! Use all your limbs. Why let them go to waste? This will revolutionize football as we know it. Lesser players like Cruyff and Zidane couldn't ...
2 weeks ago
Fine print: I don't live in England and know nothing about the culture or the people. The following comments are my observations over the last 12-15 years of wa...
Why do we need more number 10s?
I'm still not OK with him in the team. Technically, you can't blame Djemba-Djemba either but we all know we are better off without him.
Can't finish chances. Nothing new here.
3 weeks ago
To all the naysayers here calling a bad beating, we are winning this 2-0. That's my prediction, anyway. You heard it here first.
I don't care how this turns out (Well, I mean I do but not in the context of what I am saying here). Mourinho deserves a lot of credit to keep Romero in goal. I...
I'll give you props on your password-remembering skills. I don't think I could pull that out of my brain after forgetting that information for 3 years. lol. G...
We only really need to pull 2 and half results out the bag for the Europa League. I still have hope there. Also, Man City and Liverpool are far from convincin...
I was checking the list of injured players and it reminded me that James Wilson was also a Man United player that I looked forward to at one point. He got injur...
4 weeks ago
Sanchez was playing on shoddy internet. The ping was atrocious. #lag.
1 month ago
I think Liverpool has a tougher run-in than us. They play against non-top-6 sides (I think it may even be non-top-8 sides). So, they will have to get motivated ...
Crystal Palace and Big Sam are just unbelievable. The last 5 games, beat Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. Drew against the current Champions and lost against Sou...
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Kiranpmody thought the Chelsea v Southampton match was awesome
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Kiranpmody gave the Sporting CP Lisbon v Chelsea video a rating of 5
Kiranpmody thought the Brazil v Germany match was awesome
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