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I have faith in Liverpool. They will find a way to still screw this up royally. Either the owners or the team will screw it up or maybe Klopp will catch the mel...
4 days ago
@ToD: I would love it if United could play a 3-5-3 formation every week. That may be the only way we can play with Rooney in the side and not feel like shoulder...
6 days ago
Kiranpmody thought the Chelsea v Southampton match was awesome
1 week ago
^ The odds that that guy will score this time are fairly low. The odds that that guy will miss chances, not create any and stay fairly out of sync with the re...
Psychiatrists say that sometimes saying and repeating positive thoughts - even if they are completely far-fetched and untrue - is sometimes good for your mental...
Also, lets not get carried away with the praise for Fellaini. He still doesn't belong in a United team and the only credit I can give to LvG this season in rega...
I was thinking that but then I decided that I didn't want to get too happy too early because it may not last. I'm sure others were scared of jinxing the kid too...
What if calling him Mike will make Smalling go back to being Chris and he won't be the super-awesome defender he has been so far? I don't know that I am willi...
I would still put up with Memphis in this game. I think by taking him off in games when we think he is frustrating will probably cause him to try harder and be ...
Thank you guys. Perfect responses. Great turnaround time. 10/10. Would ask again.
What's the least number of points a team has qualified for knockout stages in CL history? I feel like I asked this question last year (maybe 2 years ago?) and g...
^Slightly strong words, in my opinion. He scored off the bench. A lot. When we needed them too. Didn't complain. Didn't act out. Didn't challenge the manager or...
^Not really gloating, SiF. 'Eff them' is not the same as gloating. Gloating would be like, 'haha ur team sucks, United da best... *more bad grammar*'. This is...
I don't remember a time when Rooney wasn't playing. Why was he saying to the manager in the first place?
^ Not much you could have done there man... I would have done the same.
2 weeks ago
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^ I don't know that Wilson has been given the chance to show whether he can do it or not. Martial has gotten chances and will keep getting them because - whethe...
Rooney was jealous that Perreira played his trademark hollywood pass.
Does anyone want to win this game?
I need Wilson to become a world beater so I can say I know of at least 1 top class striker to have come through from our academy.
Kiranpmody is now friends with Gsiofy
5 months ago
Kiranpmody gave the Sporting CP Lisbon v Chelsea video a rating of 5
1 year ago
Kiranpmody thought the Brazil v Germany match was awesome
Kiranpmody nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
Kiranpmody nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
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