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Great result. Not the best performance in all honesty. Ibra still seems off despite the 3 goals. Fellaini doesn't belong in the same zip code as United. Valenci...
3 days ago
^ That got really dark really fast.
Glad to see Mkhi rested and Martial starting. Romero is pretty decent (minus the occasional mistakes). Deserves the cup games. This team should still be good en...
Hope we got a decent transfer fee for it... #SelfDeprecatingBanter
Thanks to the Barca and Arsenal results, no matter what happens next week, Leicester can't be 'embarrassed'.
Arsenal were probably thinking 'Yes! We scored a goal! We've made progress.' Then, Bayern scored the 5th.
4 days ago
I agree with people saying that Arsenal were essentially asking for it... 3 people hanging back and didn't step up to show him to the right. Still a stonking ...
How good was that performance from our former player Angel Di Maria?
5 days ago
Give it a couple more games and Courtois will have to bang one in to keep that stat going.
1 week ago
Man-management is a very undervalued attribute in managers. Ferguson often (note: not always) managed to get a ton more out of our players than others did when ...
I get the feeling that Young and Rooney (possibly Schweinsteiger) will be leaving. All of these might help create a lot of room on the wage bill.
The devil's advocate in me says that this might be the 'Use United for a better paying deal at current club' ploy. The red devil's advocate in me is giddy wit...
Yes. He needs to do better. But I'm not going to put him on the pitch. He just needs to score the goals from home. If he can do that, then he can play on the pi...
2 weeks ago
If we are going to ask for things, can we not offer the option of Fellaini? Can we just say no Rooney but no Fellaini as well?
I hope we all remember games like these when we are drooling over our players when they crush some abject team... None of the players are Gods. They are all p...
Aah... got it. Thanks, Frony.
I'm sorry I'm not from around here... who exactly is 'Bobby'? I just recently gathered that 'Gini' is 'Wijnaldum', right? And I'm assuming that 'Danny' is 'St...
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