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Don't forget spurs out too... What if Liverpool and arsenal go out too?
1 day ago
We should bring Bebe back to see if he can fit into the system, now I want Cleverly back as well. Oh well...
2 days ago
Maybe it means that Real won't get Reus... *wishful thinking*
4 days ago
Sounds more like a bug in FM, someone should report it in. On a more serious note though, the only major difference I can notice in what you wrote and what I s...
I don't know about that, but I'm pretty sure this is spam.
6 days ago
If you go around yelling how much money you have in a market street, negotiating a good deal can be a real b!tch. But if you were telling everyone about the ric...
Yes yes, I know, how could falcao miss that. Sure. But how about that run from Wilson?
1 week ago
^ Good point. That definitely was a good kit. Somehow forgot about that one. Still, that was 7+ years ago. I think its time we got another good black kit.
I don't care what they look like at this point. All I want is a good black away or 3rd kit. We haven't had any good black kits since the Vodafone days.
Well, doesn't take a lot to scare the sh*t out of our defenders so take it with a pinch of salt.. lol j/k Not to read too much into this but just suggesting th...
2 weeks ago
By the way, I went looking for some information and saw this article which is dated to be very recent...
3 weeks ago
I think of another player with the keywords 'United forward', 'Young', 'Convert', 'Winger', 'Arsenal'. I am so freaking tired of converting players into somethi...
Or maybe the opposite is true, that his contract is up soon and therefore he is trying to put in some good shifts so he can secure an extension and go back to f...
Its been great. Having said that, sell him while his stock's at its peak.
I really hope Liverpool somehow sneak into Europa for next season again. They need to continue struggling with an unnecessary distraction and not get the free r...
1 month ago
In all honesty, I don't want us to get short term fixes (if we can even call Sneijder a fix at all for us). I'd much rather get midfielder(s) that will get us m...
Shirt sales, right?
I can win in 'World Class' mode but I don't enjoy it as much. I have to play slightly defensive, on the counter and I like that on occasion but something about ...
I don't quite feel 'sorry' for any professional soccer players. Oh, you make millions of pounds a year sitting in the best seat in the house to watch one of th...
We're getting close to the 2 points a game mark... I'm excited. Although that wouldn't have been enough last season for 4th place, I have a feeling it could be ...
Kiranpmody gave the Sporting CP Lisbon v Chelsea video a rating of 5
3 months ago
Kiranpmody thought the Brazil v Germany match was awesome
6 months ago
9 months ago
Kiranpmody nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
10 months ago
Kiranpmody nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
Kiranpmody nominated B. Schweinsteiger (55') for Goal of the Week
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