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That link doesn't work. Googling the keywords doesn't return anything. EDIT: Nevermind. Found it. Not sure why I couldn't get to it from your link.
11 hours ago
Vicarage road is Watford's stadium, isn't it? I think you meant Vitality stadium.
17 hours ago
He still needs to be sold to the first interested buyer. No player is worth anything from the hospital bed 8 months out of the year.
2 days ago
Also, you know how people always say '... had that second one gone in it would have been a totally different game..' ? It totally applies to our team. You go 3-...
4 days ago
Mata has yet to finish a single game under Mourinho. Is he that out of shape?
1 week ago
That was a great guess. You probably didn't need the hint.
When was the last time Mata started and finished a game? Hint: not this season.
50/1 is a terrible bet. They were 5000/1 on the PL last season. 50/1 is not a good use of your money betting on Leicester in a tournament with MORE teams than t...
This video made me laugh. I don't know what club, league or even nation this came from but pretty cool sense of humor of the fans of a club that haven't scored ...
2 weeks ago
The only breaks we catch are effing international breaks.
I blame Moyes. He showed our team videos of Jagielka and asked United players to be like him. Now Rooney and Jagielka are pictured doing the same things. Put 2 ...
Look. That was a good freekick but can we also acknowledge that the goalkeeper's positioning was pretty poor.
I heard this last year with Leicester. The elephant stayed there. And it was fun to watch. I'm afraid it won't be fun to watch this year...
Schmeichel's throws were unreal! So much power behind the throw that he could laser-beam them into the other team's half! Oh and so much speed in the attack! ...
Why does any of this matter? We don't genuinely believe that it is the players that are the issue after 3 years of stuttering performances, right? A Ferrari dri...
And get the important players off the field so they can rest when they are not needed. Why Pogba and Carrick have to play the whole game when we are dominating ...
4 weeks ago
Sad to say but it seems I'll be rooting for United to make it to top 4 and Chelsea to win it. *sigh*
Fellaini does not understand the difference between high-press and blatant fouls.
I should point out that we are playing against Swansea. This does not count. Enjoy the game, have a good time, but please keep the assessment in check. We score...
I remember the days when we complained that we didn't shoot enough. Turns out it didn't matter if we took shots on goal. FML.
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