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In all honesty, I don't want us to get short term fixes (if we can even call Sneijder a fix at all for us). I'd much rather get midfielder(s) that will get us m...
Shirt sales, right?
I can win in 'World Class' mode but I don't enjoy it as much. I have to play slightly defensive, on the counter and I like that on occasion but something about ...
3 days ago
I don't quite feel 'sorry' for any professional soccer players. Oh, you make millions of pounds a year sitting in the best seat in the house to watch one of th...
6 days ago
We're getting close to the 2 points a game mark... I'm excited. Although that wouldn't have been enough last season for 4th place, I have a feeling it could be ...
Good for him. He best not injure someone with a clumsy challenge.
1 week ago
If Arsenal wins CL and finishes outside top 4, then the 4th won't make it to CL unless they win Europa (ref: Liverpool that 1 year, Chelsea a couple years ago)....
That and we need genuine right backs at this club.
I feel like the idea to go for Strootman stems from the fact that we still have a couple good young defenders coming through that will help fill the gaps (as th...
@Badge, Not to mention the fact that they then bumped Spurs out of a well-earned CL spot despite finishing 6th the PL. That felt so wrong. I've wondered what Ch...
Oh, wow! Thank you NiC17.
Yeah, I know Tomikato. I'd asked the question back when the game was still goalless. It seems a moot point now but I am still curious if anyone has advanced wit...
If the results stay as is in City's group, they could advance on 6 points. Does anyone know the least number of points someone has had and still advanced to the...
Judging by your name, you don't really exist, do you?
No no... they need to hold on! What do you mean 'let go'? :-p
Can't tell if being serious or joking. If being serious, I would also say that while it is true, Europa league would bring a ton of games that your squad can't ...
@SIF, some players tend to get a lot of leeway with the fans. It takes a lot of bad performances from someone like van Persie before there is any uproar about i...
I thought Fellaini looked very bad with his passing and touch. Mata was pretty non-existent. The game in itself was tough and scrappy. Sure, we can all criticiz...
Kiranpmody gave the Sporting CP Lisbon v Chelsea video a rating of 5
2 months ago
Kiranpmody thought the Brazil v Germany match was awesome
5 months ago
8 months ago
Kiranpmody nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
9 months ago
Kiranpmody nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
Kiranpmody nominated B. Schweinsteiger (55') for Goal of the Week
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