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@Prophet, that is true which makes Moyes not subbing Rooney in the Bayern game look worse. He wasn't coming back from an injury. He HAD an injury and he was pla...
Didn't expect anything short of that really. I don't think we'll ever see a big club slapped with a transfer ban like that and be carried through. This is not c...
Fergie had a record at one point that he had gone 100 some games without playing the same 11 consecutively. That stat doesn't mean anything but I agree that he ...
3 days ago
I want him gone. But I don't want him gone without us having given enough time and thought to who will replace him. The last thing I want is a revolving door at...
I'll take Europa out of selfish reasons. Because I can only watch weekend games on Sunday due to my schedule. lol.
6 days ago
^What do you do to maintain this level of pessimism? It is actually pretty impressive. Annoying as hell. But impressive that someone can get so negative and sta...
^Bench. Lots of room there. If not, he can certainly play as a starting mid for the reserves. smh. I hate talent hoarding clubs. Even though I do the same in FI...
1 week ago
Well, playing hardball this past summer fetched him 27 mil for Fellaini so from that small sample size I'd say the strategy works for Martinez's Everton. I defi...
The question is would Moyes have the balls to fine Rooney in a similar situation? I have my doubts.
My notes from this crazy first season without Fergie: - United not challenging for the title, not finishing in the top 4 - Liverpool winning it from nowhere ...
I got 99 pace but a touch ain't 1.
Hindsight is enlightening.
2 weeks ago
^True but there is no way Bayern will sit back. They will always keep coming and give us that chance to nick a goal in the dying minutes.
The guy barely plays. I am done with investing in potential for transfers. Get some quality in and beef up the first team and the bench will figure itself out. ...
Lavezzi played well. I wonder if he got the 2 mixed up or something. Cavani missed quite a few chances to be honest. The only good thing about that is the fact ...
3 weeks ago
Kiranpmody nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
Plus they don't have the luxury of resting key players in the league like we do. They need to win against Stoke to keep their title challenge going as well.
For all the praises showered on Buttner, a fair chunk of it should go to our midfield and more specifically Fellaini for covering him and supporting him by doub...
He has the same issue Walcott did at one point. Great at a lot of stuff, even finishing chances that require split second decisions. But you give him more than ...
Alaba didn't play today, he will be back next week.
Can't tell if true or April fool's joke.
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
Kiranpmody nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
Kiranpmody nominated B. Schweinsteiger (55') for Goal of the Week
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