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Even in this dubious category, people would rather play Lingard than Young. lol.
6 days ago
I agree on the German side. Germany has a whole slew of top defenders that I'd like to pick from. I can't think of too many Italian players I'd like to see in a...
1 week ago
I don't think all the players have that clause. Only the super expensive ones have that line item. There is no reason to rob someone like Fletcher of 25% of his...
Why can't we buy defenders like normal sane people? You know, world class, men of steel defenders (not the promising, young, brittle, made of glass defenders we...
I am praying that the ounce of dignity (if any) in Young will ignite and he will take the paycut in the interest of wanting to play football. Same for Anderson....
I'm sure Moyes will read this and go, 'Challenge accepted' lol
2 weeks ago
Lets give them some credit here. After the summer clearance there wasn't a single game Southampton were supposed to win. They have done really well to bring tog...
I'd much rather lose at least one of RvP, Rooney or Falcao (probably Falcao) at the end of this season so that we can make (more) room for Wilson, Hernandez and...
Just trying to understand the math here, so correct me if I got this wrong, City are still mathematically in contention right? They need to win the next 2, they...
Did anyone look at Liverpool's starting lineup and think 'they are throwing this game because they know have no chance to win this one, might as well prep for t...
3 weeks ago
I don't think anyone (with the possible exception of RvP) needs resting in a 38 game season with games spaced out so far. Best XI plays every week. If someone i...
I agree with Bazinga to the extent of not making it an automatic choice to pick goalscorers as the default winners. Another thing I'd like to add is that no m...
4 weeks ago
Exactly the kind of stuff we should consider doing in games when we are ahead and need to slow down the intensity to 'kill' the game. It isn't wrong, it is well...
1 month ago
I think it is LVG's way of leaving the door open for possibly getting Valdes as the backup to DDG with Lindegaard not in LVG's plans. Just my guess.
Make that 8 goals!
Glad to not have bought Vidal in the summer. We'd have felt like United physios were the reason for his knee troubles if he had similar issues under us. Would h...
Something about German talent and United just doesn't mix...
I thought Herrera was injured? Will he be back by then?
I'd say maybe it was the fact that we played Welbeck out of position so often that we curbed his progression as a striker and maybe that is to blame for his poo...
Well, I prefaced my post by admitting that I am definitely biased against Rooney and I am certainly entitled to my opinions and preferences. Call me set in my o...
Kiranpmody gave the Sporting CP Lisbon v Chelsea video a rating of 5
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