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A left nut?
4 days ago
He would have been criticized for playing with just one striker as well (going defensive at home and all). There was no winning for him unless Man City were to ...
5 days ago
3 in 21 isn't bad either but I'd rather not see that happen. At some point we need to start winning and playing like the big European club that we are.
1 week ago
While I agree with the reality of playing (just walking, to be honest) at high altitudes, I also strongly believe in professional fitness. There were 19 other p...
In other news, Anderson got subbed after 30 some minutes in a game played at a high altitude. He even needed an oxygen mask in the dugout! Talk about being in a...
Fantasy football will do that to you.
2 weeks ago
It doesn't matter who is criticizing if the criticism is true. We played nothing like football from a top European club. We haven't played like a top European c...
Completely unrelated to United but Zlatan being Zlatan I thought was pretty funny...
I hope it is true. Maybe that might be motivation for us to do better. In fact, if I was DDG, I would quit even if United do get CL if the style of football is ...
3 weeks ago
I wish we dropped van Persie or Rooney or Di Maria or Falcao. Or maybe 2 of those. And then instead played a more balanced team. I am OK with any 2 of those pla...
City will kick into gear when their first team returns from AFCON. That was a one man team joke by the way.
That's one way to ensure no more Hollywood passes to Valencia... It will be like a simple sideways cleverly pass... Rooney won't go for that.
So I was wondering about all this ADM as a striker business for pace and what not... and then I realized that LvG let Hernandez go on loan and sold Welbeck. 2 p...
It wouldn't have come to that if he was a better player. It is unfortunate but he hasn't shown anything worthwhile in his game either.
I'd still much rather watch 4-4-2 than 3-x-y whatever. I have seen enough of 3 at the back to know that I don't like it. 1 bad outing with 4 at the back is not ...
1 month ago
I will gladly go out of the FA cup to Cambridge at home if that is what it takes to get LVG to play 4-4-2 diamond on a regular basis so we can watch good footba...
Don't forget spurs out too... What if Liverpool and arsenal go out too?
We should bring Bebe back to see if he can fit into the system, now I want Cleverly back as well. Oh well...
Maybe it means that Real won't get Reus... *wishful thinking*
Kiranpmody gave the Sporting CP Lisbon v Chelsea video a rating of 5
5 months ago
Kiranpmody thought the Brazil v Germany match was awesome
7 months ago
10 months ago
11 months ago
Kiranpmody nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
Kiranpmody nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
Kiranpmody nominated B. Schweinsteiger (55') for Goal of the Week
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