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Rooney starts against Stoke...
13 hours ago
Why are all the United games starting at 7 in the morning EST? I can't watch a single game at a reasonable hour! Yes, I maybe a little lazy on the weekends but ...
Could only watch the first half today and thought Lingard lost the ball a lot. He made a lot of mistakes in possession and a better opposition would have punish...
1 day ago
I am not fussed about who scores as long as the team is banging them in. Also, the attacking player is either scoring, assisting or positively impacting the att...
3 days ago
@Maaza, I read a few previews earlier and they all said that the AI was a little faster in its play (not in that they run faster, in that they actually are a li...
Yeah. Can't stress it enough. Kill it and kill it for good. Don't take it lightly because it only gets worse. EDIT: Sometimes it is some random free software ...
4 days ago
Alright. There short corners and there are low-pass corners with a purpose. This one was with purpose. I've seen short corners where the only purpose is to pass...
Did anyone see Ander screaming at Mata to get his attention right before we took the corner for Rashford's goal? It doesn't take much for me he won my heart for...
5 days ago
I think in a way what Mourinho is doing is good. If you are someone with the reputation that Mourinho has and the history as a manager he has, you can't pull st...
6 days ago
That 8-2 had at least 5 brilliant goals by us and none i would call lucky or fortunate.
^SIF I know what you mean but I feel like it is necessary to point out that Pogba isn't a prolific goal scorer nor was he brought in to become one.
1 week ago
Btw, can someone fill me in... who did Rashford come on for? My score feed won't give me substitutions...
We say that Fergie had the balls but did he really? Rooney was never this bad in the Fergie era so we don't know if Fergie would've benched him.
Van Gaal could've won if he was allowed to have 12. Heck, maybe Moyes would've pulled off a couple results with 12 on the pitch. Then again, maybe every United ...
2 weeks ago
^ YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!! (only slightly kidding) I've been having doubts about the narrow approach to games where both the wingers come in and just crowd everyt...
No Rooney is a + Wish Pogba was rested to be honest. Good to see Herrera and Schneiderlin in there. Great to see Bailly - Smalling partnership. Would have b...
Geez dude! Spoilers!!
I'm silently optimistic about him and Mou. I'm hoping that Mou put an arm around him and told him that Mou was watching him last season and here are the things ...
3 weeks ago
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