Kingleo (Chris) Neymar and Messi and Suarez
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"when he plays like utter s**t" Translation: when he plays his regular everyday game but doesn't get on the scoresheet.
19 hours ago
Xavi - 10 Milles Per Veure Una Bona Armadura - Esoesgallo Random fact - the Catalan band that is playing in this Xavi video is P...
20 hours ago
About 4 months, give or take 2 days hahahahahahahahaha
"A lot of Madrid fans might not like him" Pretty sure a month ago you were part of that lot. Don't worry I'll remember these posts when the switch flips again...
@Umairrockx My comment was completely sarcastic. Hence the -_- face lol
3 days ago
Scored in the CL final. Scoring is everything in football, especially if you're a defender -_-.
"Barca jokers if it wasn't an issue then MARCA.COM would not have written an article about it" Pedmar aren't you one of the users that frequently complain abou...
4 days ago
Suarez made 3 crosses and all 3 found it's target (goal, missed tap in, missed header). He should have subbed of Iniesta instead of Suarez.
Pecking order
5 days ago
Suarez is THE s**t. Waaaaayyyyyyyyy better than Sanchez. (shots fired lol)
Benzema for the most part always plays like this. The only difference is today he got on the score sheet. It's a shame that the majority of football fans only r...
Dani Alves job was to stop Marcelo yet Marcelo won man of the match because he got to cross and dribble whenever he felt like it. Yes Pique was ass in this gam...
Busi has been selling guns as well
This man has some of the most amazing turns
Madrid players need to chop someone with an axe to be considered for a card in this game
He needs to follow Guile's advice. "Go home and be a family man"
Suarez, coach Dani on crossing from now on please lol
4 mins in and Suarez assists lol
@Umairrockx Just go to after the match.
6 days ago
Kingleo thought the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid match was awesome
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Kingleo Neymar and Messi and Suarez
Kingleo thought the Real Sociedad de Fútbol v Real Madrid match was awesome
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