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@Umairrockx Just go to after the match.
16 hours ago
Public Enemy number 1 lol
To be honest Liverpool haven't been impressive in the league this season at all, so this game should surprise no one.
2 days ago
3 days ago
But Munir is better than Neymar tho lol. @Bogardi, please don't treat Pedro like Benzema
It's true tho Messi is the best player Brazil ever had lol
David Villa - Welcome To Discovery Park - Esoesgallo
1 week ago
Two weeks already. Time flies
Technically he was born to play for Brazil but their last coach was an idiot. I mean who uses Jo and Fred over Costa?
I've played some of the series but it's mostly hit or miss in my book. I've played the 1st one (really really repetitive but I enjoyed it at the time) I've play...
I thought i saw fifa 15 next to you ps3 icon , maybe it was Messionage on his Ps4 -_- Problem is that we don't have frucking awesome days like black Friday he...
Haven't you heard, Messi should consider himself lucky that Kaka would even address him and he should learn his place and grovel at "lord" Kaka feet. Dumbest s...
Some of you may have seen this already. A guy recreated Costa's goals for Chelsea in Fifa15 Diego Costa "Definition Of Clinical" (FIFA 15 Edit) https://www.yo...
Costa finally scores for Spain
I'm a Kaka translator as well.
Kaka: "Hey Messi can I get your jersey" Messi: "Sorry man, I already promised it to Oscar" Kaka: "Ok cool, see you around and good game" Ppl reactions : "fk th...
Lol, I havent bought fifa 15 (or played it yet) so I can't tell you if its good or not. The last fifa I bought was fifa 13 actually. I've seen ppl discuss it on...
Hi Chris , You got Fifa 15 on PS3 ? is it worth spending money on that or shall i just stick to my fifa 13 :p And go easy on them netflix :p
2 weeks ago
"brenan rodgers at No. 7 in europe? what a joke. it should be Luis Suarez at No. 7" That comment made me lol
He was the king of this league so I may as well post this here as well. Enjoy Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Paranoid Android - Esoesgallo
Kingleo thought the Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid match was awesome
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Kingleo Neymar and Messi and Suarez
Kingleo thought the Real Sociedad de Fútbol v Real Madrid match was awesome
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