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How has nobody commented on the falcao injury? unless you're on the man utd, barca or real madrid team pages, footytube seems like a ghost town at times....
Um, is the match opinion for sweden broken? why is it overwhelmingly "rubbish"?
I missed the game.... Why so many rubbish votes for PSG? Also wtf happened in the 90th minute leading to 3 red cards?!
5 years ago
Barca couldn't defeat PSG - what did you expect against such a strong Bayern side?..
It could be 6-0 by now, if the handballs were enforced against Barca...! just a friendly reminder.
Score should be 4-0 ... can u imagine ?!
Ok fine, Let's compromise by considering the expected value of those 2 penalties ... It should be 2.4 - 0 for bayern...
No kidding it should be 3-0 by now
Should be 3-0 by now
I love you guys. Keep it up.
Thanks for the help GreatScot, I'll give that a shot! @ Tony .. =) Gonna switch to PSG. I do not hold unwavering allegiance to any one team. I have only been...
I'm trying to un-fan Barcelona. Any time I try to remove Barca from my fan list it says "Oops, you are not a fan of Barcelona". Why is this?
Lol ... Franky4fingers - YOU are the one with no credibility. .. you sound like an unobjective barca fan-boy. If you review your original post - the paragraph ...
Just watch the games? you think Barca should rest on the laurels of its past performances, and those of the spanish national side? stop lying to yourself.
You know Barca has too many fan boys when Vmaestro's comment has 5 upvotes.
Barca cannot beat RM or BM. Barca could not even beat PSG, could they? Good luck, you're gonna need it.
Real Madrid change their strategy and can win games without Ronaldo... Barcelona has no Plan B.
LOL Look at the Barca-apologists! These fan boys are lying to themselves. @ Thefrenchy ... you are absolutely correct and these people responding to you know ...
@ Maaza ... go review the comments in the first legs match center, then come back to comment. Afer Messi was injured, PSG fans were making hopeful comments reg...
229 un-objective fan boys. Did barca really play "Awesome"? lol. You keep telling yourself that... Perhaps the overwhelming "rubbish" votes are a bit harsh -...
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