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I know what you mean. He's is developing into a team player. Especially in Real Madrid, where there are so many superstars, you have to be a team player or face...
8 years ago
Whoever thinks that Valencia and Berbatov are as capable as Messi and Drogba, is a naive SOTB. You might as well create a factory that mass-produces Messi, if ...
This is what happens when you flaunt too much money on the road, you get ur arse ready to be buttered. Without a doubt, Chelsea is strong and formidable. Scar...
We have players to make a club a one man team, do u? Who is ur talismatic player that changes a game for u when needed? Lampard? Maybe u should go bang ur frien...
If we are one man team, we would have lost. We don't cry about who we have injured or watsoever. We take our stride. We don't whine, 'oh we don't have van persi...
I do not understand how 'Rubbish' were Man Utd today. Chances were created and great defending, apart from being less clinical, how RUBBISH were they? Credit t...
Many of my Chelsea friends laughed at me when Man Utd was undergoing an injury crisis during the early-mid season. I say laugh for now. I would prefer to have ...
I remember other supporters telling me when Ronaldo was in ManU, they said 'You won't win without Ronaldo'. After Ron left, they said 'Mark My Words'. Now, they...
Essien6 gotta be kidding. Valencia's better than Ronaldo? Are we talking bout the present fatty-9 Ronaldo, or the 'Golden Boot Contender in Spain' CR9? Yes, th...
Losing is part and parcel of football. Winning trophies is the key. I like what Gary Nevielle says. "I would rather lose to Liverpool twice, and win the Premi...
Well, they were not qualified before, if they had not appealed to defend their title several seasons ago.
Damn! goosebumps thru out e vid. sheesh. so emotional, so good. SENSATIONAL!! GJ BUDDY! MANU!
Gosh. Bendtner just did a Fernando Torres (vs Manchester United) on Reina! :)
Barnley has no reason to complain for not winning. They have tonnes of chances, enough to strike a lottery. But their finishing is SO POOR! It woulda been 4 goa...
Hey, i miss the Beckham's cross Gary did at 7min! Its been some time since i last saw Man U did such beautiful forward-crosses into the penalty box! Beautiful...
Its a matter of will-power. If you fight till the end like Manchester, you will score in the dying minutes. If you think you are too good for your opponent l...
I love the way Valencia celebrates his goal. Nothing fancy, as if its the way it should be, for him to score the goal. One minor thing on Valencia, he play gam...
Excellent play by United. Totally awed by their defending champion's display. Anderson lived up to expectation and fletcher will be sorely missed whenever he's...
I have to agree, no doubt, Man Utd was lucky. Kudos to Arsenal for their above-average performance (compared to last season), and to the REF, who got all the ...
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