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Where are you KIDULTHOOD???? scared too comment hahaha your a glory hunter waste of space look at your teams you support - TYPICAL! let me remind you what ju...
5 years ago
Man City lost the game in the last 15 minutes of this game, very poor of them being that they posses the best defensive record in the BPL.
If i were you i wouldn't worry about rubbish votes..If Barcelona had won 8-0 or 6-0 or 5-0 they would still vote them rubbish, so don't pay rubbish votes any at...
@Superfanof So you're trying to say Barcelona didn't win the 2 UCL finals against Man United fair and square? please lay off the kool aid.
Gomez will be irrelevant in the UCL game against Barcelona the same way he was irrelevant at the European Championship.
@Prawntheman Barcelona 14 trophies since 2009 Real Madrid 3 trophies..Barcelona 13 points ahead of Madrid how is that for Madrid beating Barcelona in a league m...
No i was always confident Barcelona would have beat Milan at the Camp Nou, it was mostly, Chelsea, Madrid, Man United fans saying Barcelona don't stand a chance...
Mascherano is not a defender he's a DM..Barcelona play total football, every single one of their players should have the ability to play in different position, ...
@JoroMekiq only 11 players can play at a time,there will be a time when Thiago is Barcelona regular starter for now he's just playing a supporting role like Tel...
Higuain have been in the top 5 strikers since 2010..He's just not settle in the current Madrid team, he's in today the next game he's out. Higuain is the curren...
YES Barcelona got Bayern Munich i was hoping for that draw, now to all these people who are saying Barcelona ''don't stand a chance'', ''Bayern is the best team...
Those were Beckham words after the game..
Bro, i'm not talking about overall history, Juve wins when it comes to that..But the current PSG squad is better than the current Juventus squad that is a fact....
David Beckham: “Messi's the best in the world, simple as that. We were up 1-0, he came in and they scored.”
That's all Xavi does these days, he's rarely effective in other aspect of the game.
@BHAKUNDO in 2009 Chelsea was spending the same amount of money on players just like PSG are doing this time around so you could say PSG have gotten themselves ...
In 2009 first leg Barcelona 0 vs Chelsea 0; Second leg Chelsea 1 vs Barcelona 1 ...Barcelona went through without winning the tie. So all these minions saying t...
But Madrid was recently beaten by Bayern and Dortmund in last season competition and this season competition..
Fabregas is no Iniesta or Xavi he fits more in the Arsenal team, Barca already have Thiago no need for Faby. he was saying he will go back to Arsenal at some po...
@Npo1996 I do want Bayern, I just hope it happens. Barcelona vs Bayern. Then we will see who is the better team.. :P
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