Khlaif (Khalifah Alsaleh) where are we going with that immature ma
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Good job ghana i like this WC alot of new teams are shinning in it ... thats what we need good job boys tough luck u.s
7 years ago
This is just the beginning for japan that youth team filled with power and hope you just wait world and u shall c just remember that name--> morimoto 19 he's o...
8 years ago
Omg seriously with that show and with that youngsters holland got it really good and god help japan, cameron and denmark woow that was legit like a SHOW good l...
K i kinda like support italy but like with that performance up there all i can say is italy i actually do not know how u guys got the WC in 06' seriously like t...
Well..first of all juve need to make some serious decisions abt their future otherwise they're gonna lost it all.. 2nd of all the fact that juve isn't going to...
Been following alarazy's vids for almost 4 years now .. it's a beauty honestly ..made for perfection thats all i can say for now.. he's really professional the ...
I dont like how some players leave the club and after they face troubles they look back at juve to find their place back in the team which raelly bugs me.. lik...
We need to c some serious changes in juve next season otherwise we won't get our pride back .. the old juve is gone now and only the managers of juve got what i...
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