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But thats your plan A
I think we’ve all known for a while now that PSG are frauds but jeez that was just embarrassing. Maybe it was the Anfield factor because Liverpool weren’t p...
4 days ago
This is not so much a criticism of pogba as it is all player who do it but The delayed walk up to the ball on a penalty should get punished every times you look...
3 weeks ago
You’re right he hasn’t really been bad... but hasn’t really been great either. Not what you want from your 90 mil star
Had a good World Cup. Maybe maybe been above average for United. We can agree he was good for France and juve. But you can’t tell me with a straight face he...
I’m pretty sure we pulled out of Sanchez bud. Seems a good decision. And yea shouldnt r judge on 3 games but it’s been 2 years for pogba and he wouldn’t e...
The Jorginho saga is regrettable. Prob biggest L taken since hazard. However that whole transfer saga was due to n Sarri. And tbh from what I’ve seen from Fre...
Lol. Who’s a hugger C*** Ramos or Suarez?
No way Kevmo city could only afford a meager 60 million this summer. Liverpool are so deep I’m not even sure Henderson would get into the team. Even the best ...
Nah it’s definiteky Woodward. Get that nerd out of there. Or don’t I don’t care. Only manager in the world who can overcome his incompetence is Pep or Zid...
Bros Liverpool are gonna win the league let’s not kid ourselves. With the backing of their passionate if wildly misinformed American and it’s inevitable the...
I’ve thought since the day he came in it’s always been him. His signings are uninspired and like a rookie on Football manager. Has no concise plan in place ...
So many lames like to make the same tired out joke like “mourinho in” but honestly I could care less about your manager, as a rival.... “Woodward in!”
Welp there’s the title race over. You can’t be caught now
4 weeks ago
It’s woodward. It’s always been Woodward.
1 month ago
What are everyone’s thoughts on the La Liga deal in the USA? Apparently 20 captains are drafting a statement against. Have to say I’ve been worried about t...
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