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The media continuously links us with Guardiola but that is not something I want. I think he is an egomaniac who has coached two of the best teams in the world a...
5 hours ago
If he stays i bet change is minimal but again I really hope he leaves.
6 hours ago
So i normally don't like counting my chicken before they hatch but assuming we get Klopp... do you think that changes the departures? Do certain player now want...
3 days ago
So Ancelotti, Benitez, Viera or Klopp? I would love Klopp and be happy with Carlo or Viera. I'd throw hands if Benitez becomes the manager.
5 days ago
The only reason I can except this terrible season is the hope that we see major change this summer. After such a poor year many of these people will get fired,...
1 week ago
The greatest mystery of this season will always be why Navas continue to start.
Me and some of my teammates 3 of which are united fans, 3 liverpool fans and two chelsea fans always go to the local pub to watch the big EPL games and of cours...
That would be dumb.Maybe Viera for manager?
Our EDS team is doing well at least. Maybe some of them get called up? No thats nonsense! We should just over pay for more players like last year. You'd think m...
How can u even insult the defense this game? kompany was not t fault for either goal. The fault lies with our impotence in the final third. If you have a proble...
Ive seen us linked to a left back in spain and James ward prowse and frankly those are the exact type of players i want to bring in. But more importantly there ...
2 weeks ago
Ext time you question my dislike for Dzeko remember this game. His goals are people essentially people crossing it at his head and foot. i don't think he even c...
Goodbye, farewell, i'll see you and adieu.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I think Pelle has lost his mind. Continues to start the same players contin...
Dzeko showing why he's awful and why he doesn't play anymore.
Why is navas starting why not milner my goodness.
Mos def. But lets have some faith, last year our standing dropped and we surged. Maybe we surge to third or second but I think we will surge nonetheless.
Lopes could surely replace Navas. Also I miss Denis Suarez
Its so clear that the avenue of action should be to sell a striker and bring up a youngster. And to promote a center back
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