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To be honest I watch a lot of games from most of the leagues and the "physicality" of the EPL i think its not anymore physical then the other main leagues, at l...
4 days ago
Question for you all. I am concerned by evertons loss to atalanta in terms of the EPL at large. Everton Basically got dismantled by them today and proved littl...
5 days ago
Yo on the real, what drugs were Spurs fans on when they said trippier is better than Walker. Hes come in and been incredible. His pace is unbelievable and he do...
6 days ago
I think its pretty clear that chelsea didnt have a good transfer window. They got maybe their third choice in striker for a large sum with an unproven record. I...
2 weeks ago
Yo so like Xhaka and ramsey in CM is really bad right? like they are terrible together. And Holding and Monreal look like championship players and thats generou...
3 weeks ago
So do you guys think that Xhaka is bad? I was really high on him last year but his quality seems limited.
1 month ago
Yea Ive been pretty against the amount of spending city do especially on certain players in recent history but I actually think this summer we have signed quali...
^^ Agreed. As city fans were all used to "football" discussions devolving into jibes about citys "lack of history" and how they spend for glory and have no fans...
Just need to put this out there: Many Taking shots at citys spending this summer but that what it takes when youre in a rebuild. Also people neglect the fact th...
Mane? oh that guy that always injured?
2 months ago
Can someone explain to me the interest in Oxlade Chambelain? Hes never realized his potential and is basically just another wilshere. Why are Arsenal even that ...
Not too long ago our only english player of any consequence was Gareth Barry and joe hart. Now we have Sterling Stones and Walker. Two guys who are england star...
Can we all agree we dont want to sign Sanchez and Mbappe? Like we still dont have a right and left back and all the papers link us with a 170 mil spree on forwa...
3 months ago
Its Lampard. Gerrars biggest accomplishment is the UCL and lampard won that. Not to mention his multiple PL medals, coming top 3 in ballon d'or voting, Over 200...
7 months ago
Why not start Aleix garcia? Hes good and screw Zaba
8 months ago
We dominated the game but like usual the other team needs like 3 lucky breaks and theyll get a goal. Bravo has been an utter failure. My only issue with Pep is ...
Bravo is really bad right? Like im not crazy right?! Like its the same defense as last year except without joe hart.
People complain about Guardiola when he complains the EPL sides just play kick ball. Point is Klopps complaining about a lowly league 2 side, why isnt he gettin...
Lol Klopp complaining about Plymouth having their team in the box is laughable. When Klopp complains its about league 2 sides, when Guardiola complains about th...
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