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Pelle will lose my trust if he starts the same team with no changes
3 days ago
Messi sucks
4 days ago
So maybe the Coaches will finally take the hint and bench some egos for the next match
1 week ago
Dzeko sucks. Provides very little in all aspects other than the occasional goal which a lot of players can do and more
Said it before and I'll say it again, play our youngsters!!! Get some new blood in their we need more hunger. Last year our maturity and experience is what won ...
2 weeks ago
I commend both of us for our de-escalation of that.
Toure is automatic from the free kick! Just so everyone knows its tied 1-1
I feel like we are starting from my original point which is a call for help against and unchecked Fifa.
To your first point, I did make points about the exploitation of Brazilian citizens by the Government. And Im surprised by your staunch protection of Russia and...
I have to admit that after reading countless articles about the next two world cups and what actions are being taken I feel a sense of emptiness. I can't ...
I won't be at the game today but I can proudly say I will be joining everyone in turning my back to the playing of the UEFA Anthem.
He's a good player but id rather get a player like rues if possible. I love Nasri but i think this ought to be his last season, a liability defensively.
I like that one
It was uncalled for tho for him to yell at Aguero especially considering he kicked his leg out from under him.
Dtouch you're input has had no affect on anyone of sound mind. Congratulations
Yea literally every time the announcers would say that was a dive and then see the replay and correct their initial assumptions.
Asking dzeko to do any hadd work is asking a lot
Di Maria's dive today made me think that its time retrospective action be taken in the event of shameless displays of acting such as that.
When Dzeko starts we never play well. He should only be a substitute. I think we should bring up some youth players and give them a shot. Send a message to the...
3 weeks ago
The fact of the matter is that watching a team like rayo vallecano play athletic bilbao is more boring than paint drying. The german League has loads of talent ...
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