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4 years ago
Jose mourinho with his tactics beyond professional level absolute genius.
Khalili updated their profile
5 years ago
A bad season with carlo ancelotti was 2nd and a bad second season with rafa is 5th talk about deference
HEHEHE thats why i have Vidal and de rosse on my ultimate team mikel is s**t and ramires isn't a CDM
You just gotta love the celtic fan i think they are the best fans in the world and you can just enjoy watching them celebrate it amazing just f*****g amazing
Have u even readed how disgusting you comment is ?
He also did it in the world cup :DDDDDd hahahah i remember
6 years ago
Man of the match should be raul meireless bcz of the bunch he gave the GErMan playER ;D
Actully he thought he is Heskey
Ibrahim affelay is from africa too morocco
Affellay deserves more i'm sure arsenal would love to have him and give him alot of playing time
Wow well done Napoli amazing football
Uefa should change the rule if a team from 6th spot is wining the champions league they should let the top four and the champions league winners play . top fo...
@bhankundo LMFAO thats right man
ARRGHHHH im starting to hate footytube . did u watched the match ? BVB PARked the buss ????????????? come on you gotto to be blind
The only reason you are hoping BM to win is bcz u want a german team to win if your team cant win . lol but thats not my problem BTW :) im sure if BM play lik...
ohh SHUT UP there was no luck with BVB they pålayed well created chances and when BM lost the ball they collected it well. so plz stop saying BM should had w...
Every 1 knows that THE BEST team won so all those saying BM was better they are blind fans
Yeah man utd where playing to get a draw if they couldn't score thats how it looked like to me
Thats bcz u havent watched any other football games then spurss .
Ok and what happend ? yeah sure barca will win the returning game ? :D hahahaahahhhahahahah
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