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Was born to be a blue..!!
I love hunting, fishing and football. So every day I want do hunting fishing and football all day every day! When I go hunting I enjoy hunting rabbits, pheasants, quail, ducks, t ...
AKeegs19 (Aaron) from Scotia, USA
Landon Donovan Brian MCBRIDE U.S legend Steven Gerrard in his prime years not now Shearer Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Zidane Ronaldo9 Roberto Carlos Bergkamp Pele
Ashup78 (Ashutosh Pandey) from Mumbai, India
Avi876 (Avinash) India
BenjaminDavid (Benjamin Foon) from Whangarei, New Zealand
I go to school(lame!) every day apart from the weekends when I play soccer. I am AidanLuca`s friend in real life and on here. When I play I like to play as Gareth Bale or Aaron Le ...
Blu4eva (Axe)
Bluesjose (Jose Anwana)
CHELSEA61 (Rylan Hart) from Winnipeg, Canada
ChelseaFan88 (Christian Oken) United States
Chelsea and
Chelsearules99 (Nady Chalmers) from Annecy
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and Canada
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