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Keep in mind that's aussie dollars
4 years ago
He does need to be fit right
I like how you can find a positive mate
Why was januzaj playing mid... when we have kagawa for fucks sakes... kagawa wouldve done more than cleverly and fletcher as cm... nani is a way better crosser...
Cjay 90 percent is ridiculous...more like 10% and the ref stood directly infront of fred. im sure to anyone standing there it looked like a foul. because lov...
5 years ago
The moment you call that team trash you lose credibility... theyre not like the 02, 98 squad but theyre a good squad..
Brilliant ! thanks. it also adjusts itself for your timezone
Cjay get off your high horse if someone said that about mourinho id find it funny, and i sure a lot of other fans would as well. and cheshire hut the nail on ...
No... he brings in the sponsors. he should have another role.
Like this if you have the same amount of premier league titles as gerrard ... LOL the jokes just never end
To be honest a genius would win with attacking football with the squad he has. it's not hard to park the bus, the only thing hard about it is knicking a goal
I laughed at that for 5 minutes mym LOLLLLLLL
Everton is their kryptonite
That article is a load of s**t. united players have played under fergie and understand respect. if all that was happening we wouldve heard about it ages ago.
If her boyfriend treats her like crap then go for her... if he doesnt then dont talk to the girl anymore (unless she talks to you of course)
It might be if you keep playing cech over him lol
Thanks stanlol
Kevman updated their profile
I cant believe some of you people. if moyes gets fired it will be at his own time. acts like these just makes us a laughing stock.
How fickle fans are when they even yell abuse at fergie. fkn disgusting. they're just as bad as tevez
I wont hold my breathe to be honest. thiago/strootman was signed as well right? i take any transfer news with a bag of saltllol
6 years ago
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