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That article is a load of s**t. united players have played under fergie and understand respect. if all that was happening we wouldve heard about it ages ago.
8 hours ago
If her boyfriend treats her like crap then go for her... if he doesnt then dont talk to the girl anymore (unless she talks to you of course)
1 week ago
It might be if you keep playing cech over him lol
Thanks stanlol
2 weeks ago
Kevman updated their profile
I cant believe some of you people. if moyes gets fired it will be at his own time. acts like these just makes us a laughing stock.
3 weeks ago
How fickle fans are when they even yell abuse at fergie. fkn disgusting. they're just as bad as tevez
4 weeks ago
I wont hold my breathe to be honest. thiago/strootman was signed as well right? i take any transfer news with a bag of saltllol
1 month ago
Too soon skool ..
I think he's saying good
No doubt leeds fans...
Lol redface, he wouldve scored ten goals no doubt..
Im going to be honest, and say from the start of the season, i didnt expect us to be top four, i expected us to be fighting for it. what i didnt expect was ho...
Im supporting him till the end of the season. if he doesnt improve the way we play by end of season, there's no point giving him a summer budget. he'll just be ...
Yep ive got high hopes for lingard. seen him play and he's good
Http:// when you read it, it's mor...
Wenger and pelli lost a man and vs'd tough opposition...
Redface, ive been hopeful and supported moyes this whole time. our team is superior to theirs...why were we not able to even challenge them? none of their pl...
Smalling can be forgiven since rb isnt his main position. and moyes shouldve subbed smalling for welbeck and put valencia s rb...... arghhh
Lucky we didnt vs barca or bayern...
Ive been hopeful this whole time, after this absolute shocker of a game. i cant even look at the man
3 months ago
5 months ago
11 months ago
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