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Thanks.. Just tried it. No success.
5 years ago
Help! Any link to live streaming. Preferably eng commentator.
Watching Swansea play. The team talked adopt Barcelona style. All of sudden heard a lot talk about philosophy, which I believe, very rare to be heard in EPL mat...
6 years ago
Gladly appreciate if anyone could provide link for stream live (eng commentary) for the match today.. Thanks...
Any link to watch live match?
Wow...very2 good read. Messi is simply the best. He is simple, and by being simple, he is the best. His play is simply beautiful.
7 years ago
As much as I hate play acting, I found out Messi is one of the player very rarely looking for a foul, acting. He dribble fast, get tackles, goes down and still ...
You mind sharing. Which channel? I want too
Ignore him. I had enough seeing his negative post all over the channels.
Spot on Mvspanol. Totally agree.
Thanks for sharing the post match comments
Me too. I'm hoping someone would willing to share this match. If possible the whole video till the Barca players walk out the stadium. Would love to see they ce...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Footy4Torres, you are pathetic. No point getting so happy? Barca win agains Real Madrid, and they are not suppose to be happy? Why don't you just enjoy the on...
RedNgreen, one of the best match to witness, and you decide to highlight that Messi dive? Let's not start pointing out the negative things of the match. This ...
Someone please upload the full match. No highlights please.. :D
Cleared than crystal clear. The best indeed. The only the best.
A very good discussion...honestly (not sarcasm)
In my honest opinion, this season, Tottenham shows the best of English football to the Europe in the Champions League. Good luck guys. I hope that you'll be in...
Hahaha...hard to stop laughing..haha
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