Keeper16 is psyched for uefa cl, world cup, etc.
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Keeper16 wrote in On Lees wall
Same here. I've got defoe too and you can't even imagine how happy i was when i saw he'd scored 5 times, but there are only 11 points up for him. I'm pretty bum...
8 years ago
I just can't cross the channel. :(
Great job from both keepers, awesome job higuain. I'm glad madrid's back to winning again. Hala Madrid!
Boy, this grass is soft..... Hey, where's Ronaldo?!
I'm looking, but i can't seem to find any more water bottles to kick.
Perfect shot. i loved it. keeper couldn't even do anything.
Same here. whatever, it was a cool game despite the fact that it was short and easy
Count berbatov eyes his next victim wiht content
"hey guys, watch this. this'll be such a funny, uncontraversial prank! afterwards, we'll all go to the beach"
It's ok, it's just a bromance.
"C'mon, man, Lampard does this way better"
Crouch: No, you're doing it all wrong. you've got to open your hips more. How are we going to pull off this ballet recital if you perform like this?
Nike premieres its new vintage ball, to be used exclusively at anfield
Cleaning up is a bore, but at least i get this snazzy jacket
Scene from "Kicking and Screaming" (making a super-person)
Footy player gets chance to sing soprano in local opera
Somewhere on FootyTube
Should NOT have happened. pirlo's shot was nice, but the defence needs to step it up a notch. that foul on benzema was rubbish.
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