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4 years ago
@Snitch How can you claim we're making things up when it's clear as day... I've grown and lived in UAE an guess what... the locals call the team u support... t...
5 years ago
Hahahaha gotta love the s**t we give liverpool fans sometimes...
The board giving u 100mil pounds this summer to spend arsenal. It's all goood :D
6 years ago
Hahahaha vanilla caramel with crushed nuts
You can't really respect a club like man city when even their own players are mercenaries that don't... Sir alex kicked tevez ass out for the right reasons lol
Shooo did u see my ranking? :D
Any EPL team plays with the same aggression Real Madrid showed today. It's just Barcelona wasn't used to it and Spanish cup in general doesn't have that sort of...
Somewhere on FootyTube
We beat ur team home and away and u're hoping schalke will have u ur vengeance? lol good luck...
7 years ago
it will be united madrid :)
There might not be Carlo next season. I think after his loss against us yesterday he's out.
He said "fu***ing wat?" after scoring in the westham game in front of the pitch mic
Mookii he's makin u proud but i think bolton will end up buying him. Very good player he is
Took me about two seconds before i woke up all my neigbors... In these two seconds, simply amazed by rooney!
One of the greatest and will always be so...
Bad bad refereeing in my opinion. I mean it's one thing to let the game flow and stuff but that was just too much... a foul is a foul u gotta stop the game... a...
I think he won't play berba he'll just play rooney up as a lone striker and 5 in midfield. anderson is playing great recently and so is park and nani, i would p...
I'd definitely pick inter we beat them when murinhio was coaching them so imagine what would happen if rafa was? hehehe
He was walking gingerly before he got subbed i think he took a knock somewhere but either way smalling i believe is gonna be the next Ferdinand in the coming ye...
LOL ever since alex stopped favoring him in man utd. he lost his appetite for football
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