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4 years ago
I think most footy fans will hate to admit this but it feels good to see United win again. It's like missing your school bully
You're right. They deserved to "lose" though
HugoBOSSLloris that's weak dude. We're clearly hiding, crying or laughing at ourselves with the entire footballing population. We're a joke and the sooner you r...
Kean0 nominated Sandro (54') for Goal of the Week
So nice to see the hat trick scorer appreciate the assist so much. 100m euros and still down to earth. Gotta love Bale
Kean0 nominated G. Bale (37') for Goal of the Week
I think it was Levy making the fuss to squeeze every last Euro out of Madrid. Plus everyone was so in the dark which frustrated us more than anything else
I think I almost feel the same too. Not much love for Modric but Bale still feels like a Spurs player for some reason. Like a really bad breakup
@Demonking that's not true. Arsenal's tactics have been top notch this season. Wenger is the most underrated manager I've even known. You have to see how they p...
2nd day and still no comments.. lol no one cares about this competition. I for one really used to love it but over the years noticed that it actually leads to p...
It was a brilliant brilliant brilliant goal but I disagree with Jol, it wasn't better than Van Basten's. This angle has more opening. Beautiful finish neverthel...
You're an Arsenal fan so there's nothing wrong with you but there's definitely something wrong with me *drooling on the first goal*
Gerrard is a legend but he's finished at International level. He is still a top player no doubt and probably better than Lampard but I'd still rather have Lampa...
How did this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Edi3000 I know Ray Hudson lol (as in who he is). Maybe it's different highlights on here now. He was definitely American. He said Baaaals (Not balls)
Apparently Real Madrid needs Bale
Commentator praises messi's right foot, then left foot and then his golden balls? Only an American commentator would have so many quotes lol. Good fun and what ...
I'd agree with you but Bale is a huge star when there's a goal drought in the team. For some reason, it just seems like Bale might hold the team back now so cas...
But somehow you'll still finish above spurs
Typical Arsenal.. Wenger no doubt the second best manager in Premiership history. How Arsenal fans gave him stick I'll never understand. Year after year proving...
5 years ago
To be honest, it's probably because he was at Chelsea. That club can destroy and bury talent. When someone does good at the club, they get rid of him. When some...
Same difference
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