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Ball boy is a little punk and Hazard should have just left it, but what is really the problem is this kid was just emulating the garbage he sees on the pitch ev...
Hear, hear!
2 years ago
Di Matteo, you got the job! Well done Chelsea!
Hooray for Dempsey!
Great return for Henry.
Really bro, that ain't til Feb.!? We'll find our footing. Besides, isn't Napoli seventh in Serie A. They obviously have their bad days. Faith brutha.
The manager is responsible for team unity and putting the players where they are most effective. AVBs lack of consistency is causing a lack of communication and...
Couldn't agree more. Luiz was nothing more than a spectator on the second goal. We've got the players, but I'm not so sure AVB knows how to use them properly.
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I think you misunderstand. I was saying that at the moment Chelsea have a better chance at returning to CL next season than Napoli. As far as this year's CL, Na...
Why is he a sad man? By the way, great goal by Gerrard yesterday. See, this is how grown ups interact. Real fans of the game like to see all great players do we...
Great goal Gerrard!
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I disagree with both of you. You don't become and maintain a top club in Europe by having that kind of attitude. I'm sure a lot of thought went into how well To...
I'm confused at why you made your first comment after what you said in your second. And what did Arzvi misunderstand about the 50 mil part? Abromovich paid that...
You guys are so smart. I'm American so I naturally love Dempsey. Just making the comment that Torres looked sharp from the highlights. He didn't put the 50 mil ...
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Torres won't be going anywhere for a while.
Focus is top four at this point. Spurs ahead and two matches down. Arsenal and Liverpool trailing close behind. Would love the title but we've got priorities at...
Won't happen though. I imagine a ridiculous price tag for Cavani that isn't worth it to Chelsea.
Anelka is gone, Cavani contract is 2016 and his price would be astronomical at this point. Torres won't go for a while and before he is done we won't regret his...
Yeah, but what about next season. Chelsea got a better chance at CL than Napoli.
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