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Because if we need a midfield destroyer of limited ability we have one. there are better options out there. de jong's not a young man either.
Lol this is you fools - OP: ADM isn't a flop rest of you: WTF? HE'S NOT A FLOP! U R IDIOT! too sensitive in here lol
I don't think he adds anything more than playing jones in midfield TBH. i wonder if that ship has sailed.
1 day ago
Our form improved immensely when ADM was suspended and RVP injured, it forced us into the 4-3-3 with a decent looking midfield and allowed mata to start. i cer...
2 days ago
I do hope he does well. the concern is that he's not suited to this system. falcao's strength is in making runs into the channels, he's not a hold-up player a...
5 days ago
That's not confirmation dude. confirmation is when manutd.com says something.
1 week ago
I think the only way we'd sell him is if we bought a physical, holdup striker like lewandowski.
I would. there are much better strikers out there.
Well said to the OP
Young has his uses as well, he's so quick he covers a fullback brilliantly. but seriously, blind's just smart. there's no substitute for pace, but intelligenc...
It's incredibly stupid to think it won't work in football or it will slow down the game. they've introduced video refs to rugby which is just as fast and free-...
I think ADM should replace young and nothing else should change from the spurs game
2 weeks ago
Observations - rooney = striker. obviously. fellaini = striker as well - unfortunately. we don't need five of them at a time! de gea's so good he saves with...
Arsenal will cruise into third and will threaten second unless we beat them at OT and discover some form quickly.
This is why i advocate for jonesy in midfield. get a bit of muscle there
Honestly, we could go 4-4-2 with januzaj and pereira on the flanks. wouldn't be any worse than what we usually see.
So it's noticeable and troubling to me that both barca and bayern got better after LVG left. pep and jupp took the squad that LVG began to develop and won the ...
3 weeks ago
Just look at the numbers this year. welbz doesn't look that bad at all
This one hurt a lot because i'm still sad about welbz. considering the form our strikers are in it's utterly criminal that welbz, a hometown kid with an engine...
Depay has the physical strength to hit the ground running in the EPL. however as a right-footed left winger he's not exactly what we need. we should sign him ...
12 months ago
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