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Sick of mourinho. he's a crybaby and a coward
1 year ago
@redarmygeneral - mata is ideal, but james not physical enough? not physical enough like silva, eriksen, etc
Less forward passes than romero? it's not like romero's passing backwards, is he?
That was the first dive rashford's ever taken. very dissappointing.
Chevrolet is a real embarassment to our club. a company that makes s**t cars which fall to pieces after six months and take taxpayers money to keep doing so......
Lol @vaaz - more than goals and assists - because he doesn't bring many of those, he better.
Shambles that he's still here. moyes biggest mistake was the bumper contract and captaincy. well okay moyes made lots of mistakes.
Except when he has to defend. against germany say.
Only player in this side who deserves to be captain is herrera. hardest worker in the squad, by far the most passionate. fellaini is a joke.
How do you get around the parked bus - biggest question in the EPL, has been for ten years, defences are getting much better, the game much more boring overall....
Pogba's made no difference this season.
Mata's been his usual quietly brilliant self this season.
Rooney's not injured, he's s**t lol
Hart has had some exceptional games. not many, but he's not a 'horrible' keeper. he's not as good as neuer or de gea but he deserves his place. pickford or b...
Hopefully he's fit enough to tackle rooney
What about helpful encouragement, like 'next year is your year?' i don't see how that could be misinterpreted.
Young doesn't owe us anything in the end, he always gave his all.
Lol @cjaystacks 'can't cope with extra fixtures' now they don't have any. and they're ahead of us in the table.
Lol @hadee +1
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Ehm, no, pog went missing against all the big teams we've played. he's a big time charlie, SAF was right about him.
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