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That would've been goal of the season in other news, the average age of our back four is 22.75
3 days ago
Seriously, now or never big man
He could've been excellent. we didn't sign him because he punched someone during the world cup - discipline is a problem.
4 days ago
True. typically though defenders will concentrate more when they're playing better opponents. still lovren and skrtel aren't convincing defenders
1 week ago
To clarify, i don't think he'll get there - ronaldo had to work very very hard, have personal coaching from muelensteen and play in a league where everyone was ...
Honestly the best defense for us right now is offence, we're not going to keep them out and i don't want to hear anyone be scared, we can score a pile of goals,...
Draxler has ronaldo potential, he is brilliant
Pep is anti-football. may he stay away forever.
2 weeks ago
Nothing good has ever come of nationalism.
Gundogan was the best midfielder in europe before his injury. real shame.
So rooney had one good touch the whole game, it was the goal. otherwise he wasn't anything to write home about. let's not pretend he played well. i also thin...
Might've preferred clyne to chambers on the right, i think he offers more attack. on the flipside chambers defends set pieces better.
FFP and the potential debt rulings are trying to address sustainability, which is a good thing. clearly a club like bolton in the championship can't afford to ...
V Estonia: England: Hart; Chambers, Cahill, Jagielka, Baines; Henderson, Wilshere, Delph, Lallana; Welbeck, Rooney. looks like the diamond with lallana at #10...
Looool! i wish i could keep #10, best feature ever
3 weeks ago
Ugh, i don't think we're that desperate
So rooney was our best player last year. we finished seventh.
Herrera is brilliant. also it's not much of a choice if one of the players is already set on madrid
I'm sure things have changed from two or three years ago. i think the kagawa debacle may have soured some dortmund players on us. still he's certainly the bes...
Interesting to think we were playing somewhat of a 4-1-3-2. blind is alone in central midfield and when marked tightly, like by naismith or nugent, we have a t...
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