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There is impossible btw, we can make calculations with physics. there are physically impossible things.
2 days ago
O'shea shits on both of them
Was a pretty sad performance from us going forward against arsenal, RVP included. I do think RVP is the only striker we have who can hold up the ball though, in...
3 days ago
I'm not pining and we don't need him really, but i'd be happy to take liverpool's best player. mostly for spite.
4 days ago
Reading the MBM on BBC, this comment caught my eye: Bill in Hereford: Biggest worry for Liverpool now, is how long will Sterling stick around? If he was to go,...
O'shea also nutmegged figo.
I do think wilson should start because he will add pace, however we need a forward player who can hold up the ball and we only have one in the squad - rvp. he p...
Http://therepublikofmancunia.com/how-did-wilshere-get-away-with-it/ lot of truth in there, if it were a united player they'd be baying for blood - this is ABU ...
The fahcts - the call went against united, nobody raised a fuss.
Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seejAiq6V7A john o'shea > angel di maria
5 days ago
Don't you dare compare young the clown to the mighty o'shea. o'shea would've scored that di maria chance btw
Well said mate, RVP doesn't look particularly menacing atm but he isn't getting chances either and he's the only striker we have who can hold up the ball. he do...
Bullshit, considering how much the refs tried to help them. wilshere should've been off for a start, then the lineman stops a clear 2-on-1 for an 'offside' and...
That's it sell di maria
First shot on target?
Clearly onside
Wilshere should have scored and been sent off.
Clear headbutt by wilshere, players have been sent off for less
Oh f**k me, young on, honestly? has it gotten that bad? i give up, if arsenal don't win this wenger should resign
This is a bloodbath in the making
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