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David luiz should retire, honestly. watch the match and look at what he's doing for each goal. 1. not marking his man 2. watching from the edge of the box as t...
2 days ago
This brazil team showed up thinking that emotion, hope and the crowd would see them through to the final. they didn't realise they had to play an actual game o...
Agreed Deffy, but those same players do okay for their clubs - unless you practice those basic skills (and other things, like penalties) you can't expect much. ...
5 days ago
I haven't seen anything to say he's not good enough, he's just raw. he is a fantastic dribbler.
So... lvg must not have seen the spain result coming. but in every other game it has been a substitute who scored the winning goal. and now this keeper busine...
It is a shame for neymar, but the way brazil set about kicking rodriguez yesterday this seems karmic.
6 days ago
Western europe and scandinavia are easy, but the balkans, central europe and the east baltic countries are dense and complicated. i think the american states ar...
1 week ago
Holy s**t, a talking octopus
Carvalho a thousand times, honestly. we need a holder - carvalho has potential to be the boss holder. he's already ludicrously strong, extremely fast and regul...
Nope, they appealed the decision and uefa backed down. unbelievable really.
Fellaini is simply not mobile enough. unless he sits deep as a DM, he's got nothing
Ah, sorry nobody is as good as vidal. vidal is the best all-round football player in the world.
Powell could become the next frank lampard and i hope he does. he is an excellent athlete and has solid technique, so he could go on to play anywhere.
Doesn't matter what the kit is, the chevrolet logo is a big embarassment. for starters it's yellow and ugly. but really this is a car company famous for making...
Everyone makes mistakes, there's no way you can have all the top talent in your team at once, and i'm sure there were plenty of players who looked better than r...
Jonny evans should be captain next year
Hodgson's not exactly top of the line either. take a look at some of the other managers and they have done wonders with limited resources. costa rica won the ...
Rodriguez > neymar
Realistically we need a holder, other than that all else is luxury, including CB and especially a winger. there's also some selling to do.
2 weeks ago
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