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Dreaming mate.
Reporting lvg being sacked, without citing a source or any confirmation from the club, is incredibly poor journalism. there really should be no excuse for such...
1 day ago
What a horrific shambles. no official announcement from the club on website or twitter. no press conference scheduled. owners and woody clearly not in contro...
This is awful. truly pathetic. i hate what this club has become.
Absolutely pathetic vultures in the media.
I'm in the no to mourinho camp but once it happens i'll have to get behind the team. not happy about it but we can still be positive. i just worry about the k...
2 days ago
Kayteo updated his profile
... i thought the final was sunday. i'm working tomorrow. very sad now.
4 days ago
Bad news fellows. brendan rodgers has signed for celtic. I know lots of us wanted him here. Let's just be calm and brace for the trolls. Travesty really.
Lascelles as well, very promising.
Palace have the tools to beat us, there's actually no reason why they can't. they are excellent at set-pieces where we are rubbish. they defend deep, which we...
5 days ago
The way to deal with europa is to use it to convince fosu-mensa, CBJ, mcnair, januzaj etc that they have first-team minutes. since they've played so much this ...
Long post there to say what we all know - we need a striker.
Wimps, the lot of you. three or four players and we'll have the squad to do both.
I think carrick should stay. but blind and schweini will probably have that position covered next season.
I actually haven't seen pereira display anything exceptional. anyone have some recommended youtube clips?
Woody is rapidly turning out to be our weakest link, but not for failing to make us money. it's failing to use the money we've got to improve the squad.
6 days ago
I had ramen for lunch today, salty in here
I still think that should've been us... getting beat by sevilla.
Jeroen, I know. By the way, that's called a 'perverse incentive.' identifies that a system is broken when it's to your advantage, or 'healthy' to have debt.
If it's not your style that's cool, i just meant brilliant in that it is unique and interesting, clearly defined. i enjoy watching it very much. lots of direc...
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