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@Miniature1313 - I take your point but generally Blind has been playing at left back or LCB and not in midfield. and he's not done poorly at either he's just n...
22 hours ago
I'm a bit confused - our main problem right now is creativity yet we're linked with CBs. depay is the man we need imo
23 hours ago
Honestly, rooney belongs on the left where his qualities are accentuated - movement, late runs into the box, first-time finishing. it also minimizes his poor f...
I was being sarcastic.
That's the right attitude.
If we got seven minutes of stoppage time vs. bradford, there would be f*****g riots, but because it's chelsea, nobody bats an eyelid.
1 day ago
He is the one who got away lol
In other news, dortmund are losing again.
Lol i'm just not panicking when our squad isn't particularly strong and we haven't settled into anything like a first-choice eleven. we've had truly absurd inj...
There's one more thing to consider - we don't create chances against a packed defense, but we score plenty on the counterattack. witness liverpool. so all is ...
2 days ago
You guys are all freaking out for nothing tbh. we haven't been playing well since early december and cambridge played VERY VERY WELL. expecting to go anywhere...
Seriously, we should be signing cuadrado, we need a quality winger
4 days ago
Honestly, shawcross would cost 10m and would make a difference. no need to break the bank right now IMO, save it for the summer.
6 days ago
One of them has to go anyway, there's not enough room on the bench for all these strikers, their reputations and egos. either keep falcao and sell RVP, or keep...
Jones compares well. smalling's not bad either.
Can we forget the secondary argument in this thread (fab's defense) and talk about the original point? mata was not brought in as 'the spearhead of our attack....
1 week ago
Honestly it was falcao working more or less on his own up front, was quite a threat. i'm kinda fed up with having two strikers on the pitch because there isn't...
Both rooney and mata were shocking yesterday, mata more so, rooney got a bit better in the second half
He is the only player in the side who can tackle ffs. in attack as well he offers us variation. he's not exactly world-class but he's the best we've got lol
You're not wrong really. there are deficiencies in the squad that are causing LVG to play odd formations in the name of 'balance'. a leader at CB and a ball-w...
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