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I think liverpool's squad is better than their performances so far this season and rodgers has to take the blame for that. another manager could definitely do ...
2 days ago
Rooney was great, and for two years he was our best player - 2010 and 2011. That's it tho. and he's done now, for good, no more world class rooney. that parti...
I do think our squad is a bit thin to be honest. i'm thrilled we're doing as well as we are and i give a lot of the credit to LVG. he's turned us into a tidy,...
4 days ago
Well said cheshire. if you're not going to name names, then it's feels a bit like a general attack on people who have legitimate criticism. i'm not a crazy LV...
I would defend carrick, we was all alone vs. three players, what's he supposed to do anyway? and i think herrera is still injured isn't he? no point in saying...
5 days ago
Pretty dire and upsettingly naive from LVG. not putting schneiderlin in our midfield vs. arsenal - a team made entirely of attacking midfielders was just bonke...
... so when do the teams show up?
Neville's analysis spot on again. rooney's not tracking cazorla which he should be and so schweinsteiger moves forward. leaving carrick 3 v. 1 in the middle a...
6 days ago
You're being loyal to a player who has handed in three transfer requests. don't speak to me of loyalty, that prat doesn't deserve it. and as for rival's manag...
Mourinho is the sorest loser of all time and a genuinely poor human being. he very rarely shows any humility or honesty. seeing him melt down feels like justi...
A thought for your consideration: the premier league is the world capital of bus-parking. mourinho is the master thereof, closely followed by pulis, but moyes...
1 week ago
Redknapp's a joke, always has been.
I think rooney is rubbish and should be sold, but to be fair he's only played two or three games with martial and so it's not that big a deal that he's created ...
Lol @riajz then why not put smalling at #10. great defender and scores goals lol there is an attitude here still that rooney is irreplaceable, that we're stuc...
I would like to say that i hated rooney before it was cool.
Smalling, goal poacher
Okay, so barca's first transfer ban was a joke, because it was lifted by uefa during the summer transfer window. so it was actually no ban at all. this one th...
He's quick but not particularly fast, and he falls over too easily. his decision making needs work. otherwise he's fantastic, technical, two-footed, tricky. ...
2-1 now, januzaj assist for the second.
Januza just came on, replacing reus when dortmund are 0-1 down at home
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PSG Vs. Chelsea
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