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These spanish referees are just too dumb!!! don't have any notion of what's a foul..
5 years ago
The more i look at tottenham playing the more it makes me see that they are a 1 man team and that man was not playing so it was pretty sure that they'll were go...
Was the 1st goal not an offside...?
Inter was playing with amateur defenders... just let tottenham players do anything with thier goalkeeper...
Dortmund showing why he topped the group of death earlier... pure quality and determination
YEAH.. finally we're getting penalties..!!!
Unexpected result... i don't this Chelsea has been playing s**t recently and newcastle has been buying players on and above... so i think this match was there f...
What's with the team?? they always had a two goal lead in recent matches and suddenly they look so weak back.. maybe a problem mentally..
Barca win when they want.. too strong!!!
Truly one of the best match i've seen this season.. both teams were going for it... both teams deserved to win and neither deserved to lose....
Wow.. thought that utd has won the game.. dempsey had an average overall match but the goal saves his day...
Great comeback from west brom.... but it seems that they have lost their game a bit.. they're not like the start of the season
Not any team are like liverpool man... maybe the problem is with your team rather than torres...
Was waiting when barca will slip as they have a far too much advantage in the league... it isn't too serious when you have 16pts difference and lose a match... ...
At last a striker is being in places in the pitch where suarez can't be all the time to score goals... just thinking if he would have been here since the start ...
Good nice little win for city.... win as many as you can but until man utd don't stumble, it's useless..
If man utd had a penalty for that hand then i think it wasn't fair at all that west ham didn't get the penalty..
I said it earlier that the league was all over when Barca had 6 pts ahead of RM but people didn't believe me.. now can anyone else again come and tell me that i...
I don;t understand how the hell has downing has been in the team instead of sturridge... he's just s**t.. didn't do anything in this match.
La liga is becoming a bullshit and uninteresting league despite they have the best team in europe..
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