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I agree. notice how surprised derdiyok was when he realised that he had scored, while kiessling goal was pure skill and perfectly done. well met
6 years ago
I enjoy all the fatties at the mls matches.... and all the other american sporting events. never made sense to me, beef beef beef
Well the US did do better than ENGLAND in the world cup if I recall correctly... and we did beat SPAIN in the confed. cup not that long ago aswell. But I guess ...
7 years ago
Yes, agreed. The really sad thing is how the Italians celebrated their goals, like they were kings or something. Truly distasteful display, maybe on the trip ba...
Kind of agree with the Edu statement. He was quick and well moved OFF the ball (in playing defence), but when it came time to deal with possesion he squandered ...
O.k. two scrappy goals, and the USA is the team lesser team of the two? England was also lucky to slip that goal in... Other than that, both teams shut each oth...
3-3 epic, ofcourse....
But when you are a team of super stars and are to afraid to get injured you take the true aspect of playing the game. not giving 100% and holding out. that is w...
Hey sam86, I am glad somebody else agrees with me about gomez(?)((s)) it seems to slip everybodies radar. He needs to go suck at a park.
*hehehehE* would have.....
Acolcorn??????????? I am not for sure on the spelling, close enough. Rubbish it is......
8 years ago
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