Kartikhadia (Kartik Hadia) just want to be on top of the table
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JDMontez (Josef Daniel Montez) from San Juan, USA
I love having a beer,watching soccer,boxing,ufc,playing footy,poker,youtube,fifa video games and jamming out with the band
Fell in love with United the first time I saw them play. Unfortunately, in the US, not many people give football much attention, but I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I supp ...
JohnyBaba (Johny Baba) from Karachi, Pakistan
Koolomer (Muhammad Omer) from Khi, Pakistan
About me.... My name is Omer.. i am from Pakistan.. well some other qualities are described below may be you people like that boring,flirty bla bla bla well like to ...
Kuanysh (Kuanysh R)
Lfcalan (Alan)
Mannyochoa (Manny Naranjo) from Mission Viejo, USA
I switched academys from atlas 2 america very happy bout it
MURDABEST (Solomon Blashishin)
Nickosson (Nicko Dangoo)
Oggie (Oggie Febrianto)
O ser Atleticano (by Roberto Drumond, Legendary Brazilian writer and journalist) The Atleticano is different from any other supporter He is different, because they don't limit ...
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