Kamranhyder (Kamran Hyder) Cant wait for Arsenal vs Barca match!
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I am with you Ateam, its surely not happening, Go Marsielle! beat the ManChu's!
7 years ago
I would love to see Bayern beating Inter. One of my fav teams. I really enjoyed how you guys beat M.United last year, epic moment. Go Robben! and Ribery!
Lol fabby, yeah Lyon did beat madrid last time, but this time Madrid are much stronger.
Dont forget last year we were without few of our main players. Ofcourse it will be really tough for we gunners but we got the quality to beat barca.
Thats what i was saying! he is f*****g troll.. nevermind his comments
Leave him guys he is just a troll dont waste yr time on him.. just pray for wolves that they win tonight... or atleast draw
Liverpool has never won barclays premier league .. sad
Relax guys, lets forget this day, we still got chance, if we beat man-u at emirates. And Man-u still has to face chelsea x2 and liverpool, both teams looking st...
We are patient but we arent loosers.. loosers are liverpool cant even finish in top 4.. atleast arsenal are at respectable position every season if not win the ...
Well you have to credit zabaleta and dejong and some other players too, they didnt let Arsenal take ball into their box, most of goal attempts were from long di...
Nasri is way better than Nani.. didnt you see the goals he scored against Porto in CL last season beating 4 defenders.. that was pure dribbling .. And goals aga...
I wish Liverpool sold torres to Arsenal. Wenger knows how to make players perform.
Yeah that wasnt a foul but every manager does that, when they lose they try to take some points and defend their team.
I was really disappointed with how Arsenal played last week and was worried how they are going to play this week, but they did exceptionally well. It was a clos...
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