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5 years ago
After the 88" min I have prayed to god and when to bed; it is a miracle i see in the morning when I checking the footy site...MC deserves this title after all t...
6 years ago
WoH ....Woh...Woh.the TWO teams of my life are facing eacher other in the Champions League Final..............What an Year: this is incredible....Oh My God I do...
Good to see all the players involved in this game, maluda disappointed not giving the pass to torres in the end, Drogba, Lampard goals were awsume, Ramires + Ma...
Chelase looks like they were reharseling the play before the barca game
This is the game of this football season; a pure example of playing for team - can't believe how good they give pass to each other - can't see this in a premier...
I would say the 2 goals were inch-prefect
Good to c india win after a while, i didn't c the whole game but as far as the passings they hav improved .......keep working hard guys.....jai Hind
This time i was sick of this game no proper attacking, may be they were trying to make sure of a clean sheet
Rightnow the bayern team is enjoying their football, there is good environments between the team mates.....wish they carry on this form and bless u all.....
Now i belive in chelsea....they r going to win the league.
Happy for Bayern so far so good, i wish they keep they good form and win champions league...and Bundesliga...and wish the other bundesliga outfits show good for...
Very delighted to c Podolski play like that, he was lively and the Levverkusen had no clue to defen him.....
Terrific game of footbal..expecting more of such games.felt sorry for arsenel, i like both teams, the two own goals were unlucky, may be song was not prepared t...
One more signing in the midfield please
Outclassed by bayern, goodluck for the upcomming games
I agree with you Georgio, if he can't find the net now, how abt when he faces good teams in Champions League u don't get chances often. For his physic he should...
Good game to watch: its all usual stuff blaming refs.. but chelsea got more corners and chances so chelsea win is ok. still we r the champions.....
7 years ago
Chaconhe: That ref is SOFT ArsenalFC11: Are you gay?. What a joke i couldn't stop laughing.........
The way chelsea playing sucks, no free flowing game and its boring to c their game, they should change the formation. Carlo u need to be aggressive in decision ...
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