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4 years ago
Kakimora nominated David Luiz (59') for Goal of the Week
The guy deleted his comment cause he felt dumb lol
Coming from a liverpool fan lol the irony
Keeper get away with almost everything if there within or near there 6 yard box. as long as there attempting on getting the ball that is.its the golden rule for...
All goals in every game come from errors..
He was yelling at the ref,not ronaldo
Mmm the first touch was speechless, rvp and suarez are great to watch
Than dont watch it? lol
Ramos jokes are old.. everyone moved on after that chip he scored in the euro
He lost vision in both eyes,thats what the doctor report said on the spanish website so as a precaution they took him out and wont be playing for portugal wends...
Reputable sites such as goal.com marca.com say messi's goal was suppose to be disallowed. none the less even if they decide the goal im pretty sure he woulda sc...
Makes total sense,dont give the ballon d'or cause they missed a penalty shot lol
6 years ago
Jus cause chelsea beat barca it doesnt mean there the best team in the world lol,same goes with madrid,at the end of the season we'll see whos the best in the w...
Dont understand why ppl are saying chelsea defended great when they really didnt lol,defending great doesnt include 2 bars and 2 open nets missed,thats barcas s...
I think ronaldos celey makes the goal that much better and the reaction of his teammates,maybe thats why its getting more votes than benzemas
How much goals does he have againts barca this year? how much goals does messi have againts madrid this year? ya keep watching your scrub serie a
Uh no,take away xavi and iniesta and barca will look like argentina (average) why do you think messi doesnt do anything with his country..
I think the ref did good on the red to drogba,the boswinga challenge was iffy as a ref it can go both ways and it depends on the discretion on what they saw,yes...
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This isn't hockey
Still bitter that madrid bought ronaldo? let it go happened 2 years ago..
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