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I didnt get the pun until i watched this video for the 5th time: 'in a Mata of minutes' haha awesome!
5 years ago
RyanDickinson is right. Joe Hart has the potential to be the best GK, but I believe consistency over the GK's time is what makes him the undisputed best. Joe Ha...
I love watching kaka!! a bit biased cuz hes my favourite player since way back when, but whatever!
Benzema goal = perfect timing and fantastic technique. enough said :)
Just proves that it takes a few moments of brilliance to win games. I feel sorry for Croatia though.. Winning mentality important?
Yea i really hope Chelsea are not robbed of the CL like in 2009. CHELSEA FTW!! :D
6 years ago
7 years ago
Great cech..sadly we were missing a few key players in DEFENCE!! nevertheless this is football..well done to sunderland! STILL CHELSEA FTW!!!
Man same story.. "defence + goalkeeper = bad". Good header to newcastle and the mentality to hold out arsenals attacks. Although a chelsea fan i would really li...
Yea tell me about it.. a few mins of watching the highlight i could already tell that chelsea's body language towards the game was way off their usual! but live...
CHELSEA FTW premier league!! good job liverpool..always liked el nino and stevie G. Just wish they were on the blue side, the TRUE side!! hahahaha :D
Yea i know!! WTF!! chelsea looked so damn complacent..they looked like they assumed they won already.. so disappointing.. body language of all the players was w...
Lol. nice analysis..hahaha
Yea i agree. Arsenal were again fantastic. When will arsenal win something with this type of football?? They always lose when it really matters..
Does anyone think that Alex's rocket of a freekick is sick and just cant get enough? and then feel slightly jealous because you couldnt replicate that type of k...
Sigh..what has happened to liverpool? i thought it was just going to be one bad season and then theyre up again..but this is just..
Dude i think we would kill barca! like we did in the CL not so long ago..forgot the year..2008? hated that ref..we were so damn unlucky!
I think arsenal need better defenders..the two goals were ultimately conceded by the centrebacks!
Ahh man nuttela..LOL..i really hope you were just joking!! lOL
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