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Ohh Messi just makes it all look so easy! btw all the best for Abidal & Muamba! The result doesn't make a big deal right now...
6 years ago
Ballon d'Or for Xavi! If only not Messi... ;)
That's why Messi is exceptional - everybody knows what he's gonna do next, but nobody can stop him! He's so quick-thinking - both with his head and with his leg...
Of course the war ain't over yet. but now it's time for barcelona players and fans to enjoy this another historic win. so please don't take it away from us:)
7 years ago
Perfect performance from Barcelona. A kind of performance that happens once in 50 years. However it's been 3rd game like that from Barcelona in last 3 years (2-...
15 people voted that Barcelona were rubbish? These 15 people obviously must have a serious problem with themselves. About a game - result speaks for itself, I h...
First half was shocking - Valencia had more possesion than Barca. I think it was the first time since Guardiola has been in charge. However second half was tota...
Ohh come on guys, you call a game with 36 shots and 2 red cards boring?
Nice vid including one of the most spectacular goals in the history of football :)
Unbelievably poor performance by Portugal again, especially the defensive formation. Damn, they got so much talent but they simply can't play together. They don...
Without Ibra Barca is much more fluent, passing is faster and more difficult for defending team to stop. 3 great goals today, especially the one by Iniesta was ...
What a strike by Biraghi! He couldn't believe it himself! Sensational.
Definitely signing of the year - Diego Milito. Congrats to Inter.
8 years ago
In my opinion it's going to be harder for Madrid to beat Mallorca at Ono Estadi than for Barcelona to beat Sevilla
Watching this game reminded me of El Clasico, but this time Barca was that helpless team and Inter played very mature football. With a little help from the refe...
These are kind of matches where you can find out the real value and quality of the team. Arsenal failed their exam again. It was close but far away at the same ...
Espanyol filled their plan in 100%, they made up lack of skills with very agressive playing and unfortunately referee let them do that. Barca couldn't get their...
Sensational goal by Maicon! Samba, joga bonito, tiki-taka and whatever :D what a semi-final we have in prospect... can't wait :)
Top form just for the most important period of the season! That's what it's all about :) great banana shot by Pedro, too bad Alves' bicycle kick didn't find the...
Probably the game wasn't as spectacular as all of us had expected it to be but we have to give credits to Guardiola and his players for playing, I guess, the mo...
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