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Pepe showed no class during this match!!! Stepping on Messi's hand...what a cheap thing to do!!!
7 years ago
Without question barca was the better team here. Ronaldo was very poor and played selfishly, but even if he didn't screw up they still would have lost.
During the celebration by Xavi on Barca's second goal it looks as if Dani Alves steps onto Xavi's right hand. Did anybody else catch that??
Joe Hart!! Enough said.
I like balotelli but, multiple fouls bring cards, regardless of who the player is. Balotelli got what he deserved his performance was poor and he shouldn't have...
Laser pointer person is at it again. What a w****r!! Throw these hooligans out of the arena!!
Dzeko is a goal scoring machine? Good win City!
Yes Suarez fell but he was not complaining or petitioning for a penalty. It was the W***r linesman that made a poor call.
They always had the best videos!!
Way to stay with it Theo!!
Suarez always in the right place at the right time. Great goals!
RVP is MVP!!
Try the myspace video it works great!
Messi was great, but the goal keeper was greater during this match.
Messi didn't miss it was blocked.
Even though he dances like a retard, if it gives him what he needs to get a hat trick then I say dance during every match Ronaldo. Still you will need more than...
Great goals Torres! When he has confidence he can play well.
I agree on the point that a potentially good football game turned into a debate at each challenge to see who will get the advantage. The ref did seem to slightl...
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