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6 years ago
So proud of my Timbers so far
7 years ago
If we could just not suck ass on the road we'd be #1 lol
Coaches and managers are as much to blame as they encourage and even train players to dive and embellish.
He's probably from the states. We call it soccer. Why? Because that's what it's called here. If you parents taught you that tea was called hurst, you'd call it ...
Agreed. 10 men or not, brilliant second goal.
Great finish...but at 1:28 did he use his arm to control that ball?
Yeah, the scoreline is ugly...BUT I was happy with how they created a few quality chances despite being outmatched. We kind of ran into a buzz saw (pun intended...
In terms of individual talent...? No he isn't!
This game looked like FIFA 11 v 11 online when the defenders decide they want to be strikers and when the other team gets the ball it turns into 3 on 1 and you ...
I hate MAN U but this guy is so hard not to root for. CLASS
This is what happens when you make reckless challenges at the wrong time. He came in very hard at the exact point his foot planted going the other direction. Th...
I agree 100%. It's sad because it can be such a great sport sometimes. It won't happen on a mainstream stage in the US until the Nani's and Villa's of the world...
Great idea Schrod...I agree with you but the problem is these ref's aren't machines. A rule like that just puts more pressure on them and there will be bad call...
Your act is old and tired...
I'm not biased. Messi is 1 and Ronaldo is 1(a). Obviously they are 1 and 2 in the world but if I had the first pick of a draft I'm going Messi without skipping ...
The last laugh? Nobody yet
What were you watching. Nani's was far more blatant and an embarrassment to the sport. Nani probably got up because he realized that.
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