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Passion for football, I love playing, watching, listening to anything that has to do with the beautiful game is all mine.

Football offers me the opportunity to escape my reality, to leave the world, no more issues, no more war, nothing about my future, just me, the football, and the goal.

Football, the beautiful game.
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@Tanmay I disagree. Anyone who watches Juve thoroughly will know what I am talking about. All these seasons people have been saying it is over for us yet time a...
6 days ago
Honestly when I saw Leverkusen draw Barca I remembered Messi and the demolition of Leverkusen last time. It must have been a sinister laugh for all the Barca re...
1 week ago
The first two matches between City and then Sevilla will sum up our chances of going through, Also playing the City game away first is good.
Looks like we do have the group of death guess we have to wait and see.
No thank you. Left when we were broken and returns when we become powerful again. Forget that
1 month ago
I honestly hate this preseason garbage
Wow what the f**k was that defense
Mandzukic couldn't finish. a perfect cross from Dybala but he puts it over the bar that would have been the best goal
Juventusfc changed his status
Juventusfc Preparing for University
He only scored 20 goals over the past two seasons and that is with a team that heavily needed him. I hope he does well.
I heard they are very close to him and for only 14 million euros. If that is the case i will be very disappointed in Torino considering they wanted to sell him ...
You can in FIFA 11 though
2 months ago
Tevez was great for us but he is another one of those great players who once donned our shirt. He is gone but there will always be a great player that will come...
Sorry, I'm late but CONGRATULATIONS GUYS WE DID IT! Man I am so proud of this team, can you believe Morata took out his own team. Well, the Coppa Italia Final i...
3 months ago
Wait if they get carded they wont miss the final if we make it?
4 months ago
Noire and Skool thank you guys for the comment on my rather long rant on the Barca forum I thank you for commending me even though Noire THREW ME UNDER THE BUS!...
Can you please stop denouncing our side on every comment you make. We made it to the Semi Finals and you only continue to nag on our performance like its going ...
I still cannot get why we are the weakest. It is the champions league semi finals with their are no weak teams. Every team who are respective champions of their...
@Epictitus, it seems to me that you have not watched Juve all season long or for the matter Serie A. You are only thoroughly concerned with Juve's Champions Lea...
I think Benitez will go to Liverpool next season. I am glad to be facing Lazio mainly because they are easier competition and they may not be in as good of form...
We will forget Calciopoli when we get our money and scudettos back
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