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Passion for football, I love playing, watching, listening to anything that has to do with the beautiful game is all mine.

Football offers me the opportunity to escape my reality, to leave the world, no more issues, no more war, nothing about my future, just me, the football, and the goal.

Football, the beautiful game.
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Massimiliano Allegri has named his 20-man squad for the visit of Bologna on Sunday evening at Juventus Stadium. The full selection is as follows: 1 Buffon 3 Ch...
4 days ago
Honestly getting a solid right back is what we need in January. We are good on the left but if we get someone to compliment Cuadrado on the right we will be sol...
5 days ago
Same man I am glad we are picking up good results in the CL but we really need to convert this to Serie A like we have done for these past 4 years
1 week ago
What is going on in the world of football??
Roma is trash, they are more focused on beating us that they forget everyone else. Also they will never be a European giant because they choke under the pressur...
Also what were they expecting top of the table? the team plays pretty well and they are in Serie A. Typical Italians
He also crashed his Ferrari and coincidentally Vidal crashed his Ferrari so maybe he will be sold
Well I like Caceres and in fairness he has come cheap but he really is not someone like Bonucci or Chiello. I still remember his double against Milan in the Sem...
Man the Vidal deal was a real piss off. Although we made a profit on him but seriously players like Sterling are going for 63 million why is Vidal not going for...
I seriously hope he does play tomorrow. He is like our Vidal reborn with the work ethic he puts in. Honestly he is a great player but Allegri needs to be quiet....
The players are getting injured, Pogba is not as good without Pirlo, VIdal and Marchisio and he is struggling. I also think that we are relying on Giga too much...
Juan is a great player. Since his days with Fiorentina I loved the guy but he went for a lot of money and sometimes that damages the player. He has freedom here...
We do tend to play well under pressure but that is no excuse for the way we are playing. How on earth can we not finish these chances. I swear this team needs t...
He is a good player but I would never want him here. It is funny to because he despises Juve.
2 weeks ago
Next step is Genoa, we need to get these points no matter what to start a consistent run. I think the team was only missing a bit of the self belief they had in...
I really do like Giroud and everytime something horrible happens to him he picks up his game in the next couple of weeks. I wish people would lay off him a lit...
3 weeks ago
I mean it is not a chore for me but I hate commenting and then waiting for like 2-3 days to get replies and get those awesome threads going. Also remember the ...
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