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Passion for football, I love playing, watching, listening to anything that has to do with the beautiful game is all mine.

Football offers me the opportunity to escape my reality, to leave the world, no more issues, no more war, nothing about my future, just me, the football, and the goal.

Football, the beautiful game.
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This talk of Morata going back has been going on for months and time and time again he has said and emphasized that he is happy here at Juve and Marotta the Juv...
18 hours ago
Nah come on man don't be ridiculous. We sell it every big game, CL game and mostly every weekend match. During the weekday when people have work and are incapab...
2 days ago
Man that just sucks but this means Rugani will get some time hopefully. Injuries are plaguing us with Mandzukic, Khedira man Zaza is suspended. We honestly cann...
Jeez man Lazio is useless
3 days ago
Jeez get off the guys back already. Ronaldo like him or not is still a superb player and has scored goals against big sides as well as smaller side. Honestly th...
6 days ago
Someone needs to upload this to P*rnhub under rape lol
1 week ago
I doubt we are releasing him. The reason why have been on a superb run is due to his last minute goal vs Torino and the performances he has put in. I heard that...
The guy is nothing special to be honest. Sure he had an awesome world cup but in no means does that make him some player who is at the level of Ronaldo, Messi N...
2 weeks ago
Iscodisco, I thought your question was meant sarcastically and in a manner of hysterical-ism. Marchisio is not exactly like Pirlo but he influences the game in ...
Also if you do not watch Juve or entirely follow the team, do not make comments without any basis of structure or competent research.
Ever hear of Marchisio?? Jeez watch some Juve matches and you would see who plays there. Free kicks, Dybala, penalties Dybala, corners Dybala or Marchisio. We a...
Relax with the damn Pogba rumours. He has not said anything about leaving Juve. Everyone's dream is to play with Messi so I do not consider that a big deal. He...
Soon it will all be about experience and we are strong under that department. Napoli always does this and they collapse choke in the end. I hope they do well in...
I want to keep him. I love the guy and he loves Juve. He plays hard and appreciates the jersey he plays for. I hope he does not leave and signs a contract. Sure...
3 weeks ago
Madrids problem is that either they destroy teams 6=0 9=1 or they end up playing poorly and losing. Bale is unbelievable and is a great player. CR7 may not have...
Thank you Domenico. Inter have lost, Roma drew. Fiorentina lost. Now we must wait on Napoli's score and hope we can take care of Sampdoria.
I do not know why Allegri is not being considered for the coach of the year. I mean the guy won the Scudetto and the Coppa Italia. Not only that he also took u...
Those 10 minute cameos are actually a big deal for youngsters. No pressure in the game with the opportunity to showcase their talent. Also it keeps their morale...
1 month ago
Ranoch for Caceres and Asamoah lol no way we would ever even consider it. Asamoah is going nowhere and Caceres will be sold in January or he may get a contract ...
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