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Passion for football, I love playing, watching, listening to anything that has to do with the beautiful game is all mine.

Football offers me the opportunity to escape my reality, to leave the world, no more issues, no more war, nothing about my future, just me, the football, and the goal.

Football, the beautiful game.
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Luciano Moggi is free, we are also pushing for something like 443 million in damages.
1 week ago
Balotelli is great, not juve great, but great. I dont think he will end up like Cassano and even his attitude has improved. I think people put too much dirt on ...
Nah do not sell Ogbonna. Let us not forget he is still really young and could be paired with Caceres and Rugani. Also he is still a good defender. Barzagli is 3...
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1 month ago
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Hope we can win this I am really damn nervous!
Http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/serie-giants-parma-dissolved-amid-5207122 I found a link, but it is not confirmed yet. Sad day for football.
Wait, give me the link to that. They cannot be relegated now. The players have to give the club a notice which forces the club to go through adminstration which...
As for the other incidents, those were penalties and fouls for themselves Gaoha posted like four links of it so I watched them and I could agree that Chelsea we...
I just saw the highlights of the Matic incident but I really cannot see why you guys are making such a hash about it. The guy was in the process of making a pas...
Barton may not be the "nicest" guy off the pitch but on the pitch he does show a lot of passion and performs very well.
To think we got him for free... :)
Well Wolfsburg is not really a title rival as Bayern have ran away with the title and Athletico is like 10 points behind. I think you guys are just overreacting...
We are struggling. We cannot seem to deal with corner kicks. We are vulnerable on the counter attack and our defenders want to attack more then they want to def...
Speaking of Pirlo, the last time Pirlo scored twice in a season from open play was in the 2004 2005 season which is a decade ago. It is fantastic to see that he...
Heart attack lol. He is too good. Everything about him is brilliant. His passing, shooting, vision, free kicks. Mama mia.
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Juventusfc Football, the beautiful game.
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