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I think we need to give him some more time. He is still crucial to us and I myself do not believe in the injury excuses but I still believe in his ability. I th...
4 days ago
Honestly, the goal Gabi scored was a mistake by our defense. We gave him way too much space to aim and to curl in to the net. We should have learned our lesson ...
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF2NjcVMn6E Nice game to watch another stroll down memory lane...
Lol Cech would care, why would he not care? He is still a great keeper and he does not deserve to sit on the bench so I do not get what you are trying to say. I...
1 week ago
There about four teams challenging for it this season. Marseille is doing surprisingly well and Lyon is also challenging to. It is going to be a good season for...
PSG does not really hog up all the tittles to be honest. Other teams have challenged and won and even Marseille is doing very well.
Wow you guys are bloody machines lol. Give everyone else in Germany a chance lol.
Monaco would be great to have and even they are hard to play. Honestly it will be tough but I have faith in Juve.
Roma spends to much time talking in my opinion. They do not know how to shut up and play then talk. Sore losers in my opinion City outplayed them and took their...
Cuadrado would be great but how do we know whether he will perform at Juve, we ask a lot from our players and putting so much money in for him could be a mistak...
Montoya is a good backup but there is absolutely no way he takes Lichs spot. If he cannot play in Barca then the best he will get is the bench at Juve, we are n...
They do deserve so that is all there is to it.
2 weeks ago
I can agree with you on the criticize part to a certain point. Yes Ronnie dives but he still does magical things. In all fairness though it is the refs fault fo...
@9Ronaldo9 No real champion likes losing, I have played football all my life and I get angered when I lose, however I am not a sore loser and I care about my te...
In all honesty every team has its divers and some teams get penalties more than others. No team is perfect, no team should be talking and regardless Neymar, Mes...
I feel like you guys are being harsh on Willian. Vidal does not always score goals but when you track back win the ball and go on the counter that is the type ...
Yeah, I heard it was around like 11-12 million euros which is really low for a guy with such great potential. We keep losing these guys and we let other teams t...
Hey guys it has been a while since I last commented on this forum and I was just wondering how my fellow Juventini have been. I have been really busy lately so ...
Thank you very much guys you brought them right back to earth lol
2 months ago
Yeah I will try to add some spice to the comment section :-) but its been better than when the times we were in 7th place lol
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