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Also, we should have been given two penalties. a handball (who cares though) and the fantastic double give and go between benzema and I forget who. Overall, g...
5 years ago
Watching the match. It was nice to see a French side with so much creativity and created a plethora of chances. I was never too worried about the Icelandic at...
AHHAHAHAHAHAH this is so clever
6 years ago
Also, if this were the case, why two years ago did platini not help Lyon make it to the finals of the championes league???? they were in the semis and thast the...
^you are such a lil twat. fixing isnt the excuse for success. im sure platini would much rather fix the french national team than this shitty game (when he kn...
Missing most of our back line but in the end i thought we played decently. we definitely had most of the possession, controlled the game, and never felt in dan...
So happy to see this. cant ask enough from our boy rvp. great job gervinho, excellent pace.
I love your comments ^ hahah
Yea but mexes ribery sagna and benzema are all first team members under blanc haha. but i like the fact you deemed this a fair result and an overall great game...
Sorry didnt see the game completely, couldnt stream it well. gameiro played hurt and not a lot. i edited my comment
Alright so far these ratings are pissing me offf. YOURE NOT LUCKY IF YOU HAVE THAT MANY INJURED PLAYERS NOT PLAYING. i mean seriously : mexes, ribery, sagna,b...
I mean when evryone else was injured, he was the one we had to count on. proud of him for the past two games, showed his true self
Well put
France without benzema, sagna, ribery, matuidi, mexes, . and still played a good second half. i think they deserved it in the end. missing that many starters. ...
Ca menerve quil soit tjrs pas prit dans la selection brazilienne . quel con ce mano menezes.
Putain mais c vraiment une bete ce bastos. why the hell hasnt he gone back to brazil national team, i keep asking myself that since wc 2010. hes clearly back ...
Cheer up laddy, our boys arent done yet. rebuilding seasons happen, we lost two great midfielders who know the team dynamic very well. give it time. also wil...
This is not good..... not only are we playing poorly but 2 own goals. come on, as if we dont have enough s**t to deal with
We had better chances, oh well ill take a point away
As a gunner fan im at least happy that Szczesny is a beast in front of goal, truly only special shots can beat him. now lets get a lil more chemistry in the tea...
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