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How lucky was Chievo!
1 day ago
Lol, I don't who's situation is worse! I'm hoping to see some excitement from Italy at least, Conte should start bringing these youngsters in although he won't ...
1 week ago
Been busy with school John plus there isn't much to be excited about with football these days.
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Why f**k Fiorentina? They have the right to say no to our cheap offers when someone else is willing to pay more.
Are you genuinely surprised Spigy? Why do you think Conte finally decided that he's had enough? I haven't posted since he left but I have to say it has been...
1 month ago
I just woke up, I don't know what to say...
I don't find the English tabloids very reliable, I don't think the Spanish or Chileans are any better either. Ok,here we go. There might always be an outside ...
Who says we are? English tabloids and United fans? :)
For a decent fee I hope, I'm still not convinced by our wing options yet. Tevez dissapointed on the LW last year in CL, Coman is just a kid and Gio is Gio and t...
You forgot my favourite Chilean :p
There is more to the deal than we know at the moment, we have to wait and see what kinda buyback clause they are gonna put in it.
Wow 4 in 26 mins. Never seen Brazil this bad. And 5.
It's goal.com so don't worry, their sources are fiction, however if it was true then I would be extremely dissapointed. I think the Sanchez situation is simila...
I agree with you on our CB situation. We have to put our faith in Ogbonna just like we did with Bonucci, cause he has a lot more natural gifts than Bonu and it ...
2 months ago
I gave him a lot of hard time but honestly he was our key Forward and brought us 2 titles. Good luck Habibi!! Ps. He will double his salary, not bad eh?!
Well, we could've bought him before the cup for 25,30 but as always we dragged it out too long not that I'm surprised and now they will have to pay the same am...
Not Cuadrado, Absobloodylutely not Rodriguez (We already passed up on him back in 2010) , Guarin we wanted so maybe, Balanta, I don't who he is but I heard we w...
Reports say that we are close to agreeing a 6 mil fee for Mirko from Aljazeera ( I think). Now I know he is on his last year of contract and he is 30 years ol...
It means that this federation is a big joke.
Any news from Leali? When are we gonna see him in Serie A?
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