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Jujex wrote in On 4evers wall
Likewise :)
5 hours ago
Thanks for the request bro.Am glad to have making friends with one of the coolest person out here.Two greens for you:)
7 hours ago
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1 day ago
I don't wanna think about him leaving now that the club is moving back into the right direction but this contract situation is keep dragging on. We should know...
2 days ago
That was our finest Hour. Shame we panicked and weren;t brave enough without Nedved in the Final. We really deserved that cup that year. It's Ironic ever since...
Piece of cake! Amsterdam style, Chocolate Brownie Cake ;)
I only wish they didn't have Ancelotti, he is the superior tactician in every way. He knows how to counter our game but they don't have Bale I think, so that is...
Noir, you realize you Kinda', just a little, threw him under the bus? You praised him so you can't really back down :p
3 days ago
Guys we need to cheer Spigy up, he is on every forum!! he is really pissed! I didn't watch but I'm sure that it wasn't anywhere near good, I just saw one shot ...
4 days ago
You have the best, 3rd best(at least based on last year) and the best young striker in your team. Damn...
I'm working too. If you have access to a computer, try mamahd.com. Lifesaver.
Fingers crossed for an early goal. Vidal and Licht are the main candidates for a yellow. Fingers crossed. Also I won't be able to watch the game sadly. Have to...
5 days ago
It worked out better for him though, with Pogba here and the MVP, he would not have developed to be as good as he is now. Ancelotti was instrumental in his deve...
The 7th league pot is excessive, I feel like they should give 2 spots to the 1st league which would be spain. Real or Barca in Pot 2 is just stupid.
His situation makes me so sad, His double against Germany was one of my favourite moments of the past few years, I really thought he would turn a new leaf when ...
6 days ago
I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, Was his usual celebrations or sth else?
1 week ago
Some clubs are just way too classy for that :)
Cause he is sooooo gooooooood ;)
Zilch :) Literally!
I am quite familiar with you're "Realistic" views. What I think is Unrealistic is that you expect something from our players that is beyond what our expectatio...
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