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I agree with Spigy here.He signed the contract last time but this time he wants to make sure the club will actually make things right this summer before commit...
2 days ago
Liverpool FTW!! and Suarez for 31+ goals. Remember how we felt after our invincibles season! For them its been more than 3 times that much. Is it weird that as...
3 days ago
Wanted to post the link but its too good so... read. Andrea Pirlo : I consider myself particularly fortunate: I know Antonio Conte. I’ve worked with a lot o...
5 days ago
Just Ordered!!!!! Estimated arrival May 15 XD
1 week ago
Boo! I want Atletico to win it. I couldn't really care less about the other 3 teams left in UCL and thanks BTW, a little investment & Bravery to bring in some ...
../ Amen ../ to that.
Jujex gave the Juventus v Olympique Lyon video a rating of 5
We cannot start making excuses before we even face them.They are an inferior team in every way, technically and financially. The only reason they excel in a com...
The hell you talking about, we are not the underdog at all. If we are not playing to our own standards that does not make f****n Benfica the favourite against u...
2 weeks ago
Im waiting for Rossi,if he is fit, then Rossi,Immobile,Balo,Cerci should be there.Cassano too probabley. The likes of Aquilani,Gilardino,Osvaldo,even Toni and ...
So PSG is out,No Zlatan no party.It seems these nouveau riche,Arab owned teams still don't have the self belief and character of the old guard of CL. And have ...
That team is gonna score 55 goals and concede 99! Sam, selling Mirko and Fabio and not signing Osvaldo would do it.I will only bring Berardi and Immobile thoug...
3 weeks ago
When you realize how many close calls we've had its crazy how we've won so many of'em! and so many 1 goal margin wins. As for Tevez, well its better for us,He'...
4 weeks ago
And just like that Real Madrid are now in the backseat! If it wasn't for that silly mistake by Ramos they could've been up by 6 or7 instead of down by 3! As f...
I knew that he scored around 20 a bunch of times but 27!!!(he is my favourite Chelsea player BTW) You know what! I don't want him to break his record now haha,b...
Just realized Yaya has 17 goals in EPL so far. Effing super magnificent. Thats all I have to say. I would like to see Suarez break the record, maybe Yaya could ...
Mandzukic,Cavani,Costa.... no need for any of'em Just check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJmfhINCyMs Our management has a chance to make a differ...
Bad day to be Arsene..... X|
1 month ago
Napoli is out, 15 mins to go 1-1 at home,its ovaaa. Its just us.
You know its gonna be a good year when your favourite player scores a curler like that on new year's day! Happy Iranian/Persian new year people! http://www.yo...
Kwadman where are you exactly getting the word "joy" from in Spigy's comments? Or whenever have we claimed that we have the best team? In Italy we do but in eu...
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