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Is it for good? The fans crucified them on instagram. No one likes it.
3 days ago
JJ Bean coffee roasters club. That's who we are now boys! Relish!! http://jjbeancoffee.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/logo.png Sam embed if you will.
4 days ago
And I'm done.
5 days ago
They had 61% possession. 87% pass accuracy to our 73 and twice as many shots. We need to take off a defender.
Awful team. Dreadful
I enjoyed the first half very much, but this "take the foot of the gas pedal syndrome" that we have is never going away it seems. Both their goals were flukes a...
Well done Marotta and Paratici. Securing the future with the right talent ( Just like Caldara). He is a modern RW. My sorta player. https://www.youtube.com/wat...
6 days ago
1- Mandzukic Dybala 2- Dybala Mandzukic 3- ............................ Fill in the gaps ;)
1 week ago
Well I wasn't thinking about Allegri when I wrote this, this is all Evra it seems. It's all a bit unclear at the moment.
Reports say that Evra are leaving this January. United and Valencia are tow of the possible destinations. He seems to be forcing his way out since he is not eve...
I agree. Kudos to him. I mean it would have been a very logical move. He is in his thirties. He will be earning 8m a year. he will barely make 1 mil a year afte...
2 weeks ago
SIF I somewhat agree with Tomi. I do think that nothing would be greater than a treble but an undefeated season is so special that trumps any double you can ach...
I saw them in April, they were AMAZING!! such legends. Didn't buy any Merch at the show but I will get my hands on this one!
In general it does. It shows that the top teams are finally performing like they should. If you double the points at 19 games you will get a 6th place team wit...
I'm gonna be needing a cask of wine for when he retires. Football will never be the same for me when he ends his career.
@SG I think he is gone to Inter. Can't say I'm disappointed. I didn't even know who he was till yesterday. And you're right about Witsel. It embarrassed our man...
So Witsel is going to China for 7.5 mil a year. All I can say is lol. Not too bad if we don't insist on filling the midfield with even less significant players....
Happy new year ! Let's leave 2016 behind, It brought an air of negativity to the forum. Happy thoughtS!!
Caceres also had the greatest debut ever when he scored a double against Milan. If we are going after Witsel though I really don't understand this move. We alr...
3 weeks ago
I don't even know who he is and couldn't care less to be honest.
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