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Underrated: Bonucci, Lichtsteiner Overrated: Honestly none, Big ass dissapointment: Llorente.
5 hours ago
Fifa 96 was the best!! You could only score from the behind the corners of the penalty box, haha good times.
Cheers Speedy, you don't know Icardi!? He is probabley Serie As finest young ST.He is the 2nd top scorer tied with Tevez and is similar to Higuain, frontman, a...
23 hours ago
Guarin is more useful in the opposition half, he has been decent but as your CDM he is a liabiity. Schneiderlin is clearly a better choice.
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He is also good in defending them too for his age and his positioning is usually really good, as for the final he needs a lot more than experience at that game,...
So these Khedira rumors are gathering pace, It's at the medical stage albeit with his injury record this is the most important stage. This could mean either Pir...
With all the transfer talk I wonder if Arsene has his scouts in Italy, there are a few great choices for the positions that you guys are looking for. As of now,...
The media is the media, they have to fill their pages, you need a quality midfielder and there aren't that many out there so they have to work with them one by ...
BTW how great has Evra been for us this season, 34 and he was our only left sided player for the important half of the season. Our Man United connection has add...
The term lack of respect is code for unsatisfactory contract offer, he wants more money than the club is offering him, period. And the length of a contract is ...
We are a good bunch, aren't we? If the club and country can eradicate the racist behavior of the ultras then it will be perfect. I would like to add Bayern too,...
Get ready for Ronaldo to United rumors, or maybe even better, they will double it now, Ronaldo and Bale to United!!!
1 day ago
@Barracuda Awesome profile pic mate!
Barzagli will most likely miss the final, I guees 352 is out of the qustion now, not that I think Allegri was gonna start with it but he usually subs him in lat...
That guy has done his research!! There is one tiny difference however. Inter. Which means the reverse for us :( The only coincidence for me would be our Blue ...
So Perez just sacked Ancelotti, man that guy is ignorant and Rafa Benitez!? seriously? RM fans must be pissed.
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