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We bought him at the wrong time. He came from a 6 month cruciate ligament injury and he was never the same again.
1 hour ago
Fantastic, replcaing a 32 year old RB with a 33 year old one. We are becoming a retirement home.
You should go big and get Higuain. You barely spent 10 mil last year, don't tell Stan though :)
5 hours ago
Argentina's issue has always been third tier managers. The last good manager they had was Bielsa, it was downhill from there. More like free falling with Marado...
Good Riddance. 49 goals scored in 38 games. All I'm saying.
2 days ago
Well the league ended sooner for us so the forum has been quiet before the game but you know we're not exactly the Arsenal forum. We have a slower pace but with...
His first name is Granit. DO you need more than that!?
3 days ago
Well I think it's the only way to go and I'm quite excited to see him bring some much needed character to this team. At the very least we won't see Ashley Young...
Well who would want Hernanes now? We've had this issue before, buy a player that is near 30 and can't sell him after. I don't think Pereyra can do Cuadrado's ...
Lemina , Hernanes, Pereyra, Asamoah, Sturaro and another CM coming for next year. We have way too many CMs and none with much of an attacking threat. At least t...
4 days ago
Really enjoyed the game, Congrats on the FA cup, it's been a long time coming! It makes it sweeter with Disco Pardew dancing earlier than he should have and e...
If Marotta and co cheap out like many times before like when they signed him in the first place then he will go. But don't worry cause we have at least 4 aver...
I would leave at this rate if I were Zaza and Morata. Starting Evra, And both Hernanes Lemina is a mistake and no chance for us to swap strikers.
Well , that was terrible.
Miss his magic.
6 days ago
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