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It doesn't get any classier than Becks.
Jujex updated their profile
2 days ago
Not as deep as an Ocean of Hungarian Sarcasm :P
They didn't have Iniesta either. You underestimate the imporatance of key figures in a team, how they guide the team on the pitch, we thought the same thing abo...
No Messi No Party.
3 days ago
Neither would take that job, it would tarnish their reputation taking it in the middle of the season.
4 days ago
Khedira is quality, If he manages to stay fit we are gonna have another top midfielder and leader in the team. Only note is Allegri using Hernanes as the holdin...
Golaso, now that was class. Better now.
Dybala has a goal, that makes me happy a bit. Also team who play anti football and get yellow after yellow usually have it coming to them even if it's 50/50.
Bologna , what a joke, yellow card after yellow card.
Morata yes. OK, Game On. So far Allegri has only one tactic in mind, long ball to the right side hope for the best, not good enough. I want 4 more.
Yeah but he wasn't playing right back. 6 months...!? :O ...
5 days ago
Bad news. Licht is our for a month. Caceres is being punished and I'm not sure he is the answer. I guess 352 is on the cards however for the first time I beli...
6 days ago
I'm glad Mata is finally playing at the level expected of him, true professional.
1 week ago
It's interesting that you find Llorente more threatening than Mandzukic, Last season he showed that his days are numbered at the highest level but Mandzukic is ...
I think the stability in Midfield was the missing element. Khedira brought that a bit. When him and Marchisio are back to full fitness we will go on a run I fee...
Really? Damn. Hello there BTW. You must be new.
But it would be a massive risk if he gets injured. Plus Mandzukic has been injury prone so Morata starts more any way.
Zaza!!! Composure. Man Dybala was great. Rest my boy.
Me Like.
Ah screw Ancelotti, I wanna see our young talents become world class players and they're all attacking players too. If we would to ask Klopp I am sure he would ...
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