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Juguar gave the Barcelona v Almería video a rating of 2
Juguar wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Cool. his choice. about his responsibility - zero ? wow, great way to take responsibility. is it ever his fault or its always the world's fault. world agains...
7 years ago
Nope Pepe's red card was deserved. He had no right to go studs up. You know that's not allowed. The whole world knows it. Yet RM feels that they can ignore ...
No Reventon. No one can kick the ball with such force and then in 1/2 second spin around and fall into the ground THUD. Not even the Italians. That was most de...
Sorry LeagueStar. No one is saying it except for wistful English soccer fans that lose against Barcelona and have a love affair with Jose. No problem in liking...
No. Its just that Barca doesn't whine about the calls that don't go their way. We can also start about the Milito offside goal etc. We don't. I suggest you ...
Hate's all in your head. Barca doesn't even feel it. It only affects you. Barca only dramatizes to get the ref to pay attention to the kicking. If RM didn't k...
Yep Casillas - class act.
What unfair advantage? you go in with a studs-up challenge, you get red carded. that's the rule. RM brought the unfair advantage upon themselves.
Yea well, then he shouldn't have let his emotions get the better of him. he's not a law unto himself. why did he taunt the refs? you taunt the refs, you get ...
Yea, its hard to beat Barca at skills, at football.
Well the reason is that they all know they can't beat them with skill. So they try to kick them into submission. When your play crosses the line from light pu...
Nope he doesn't. Its his team that's acting like kicking the opposing team is a normal thing. It isn't. In fact, its against the rules. So he should stfu.
Well, Mou forgot that his tactics may work in his perfect little angelic world, but in the real world s**t happens. His tactics obviously didn't accommodate fo...
Ronaldo will say whatever he needs to win. He'll push someone and call that person the pusher. He will knock someone down and pretend that he was the one who ...
Stop rubbing them, they want fall. besides they don't like your rubs anyway, despite whatever pleasure you may take from it.
The world has spoken. Football is not meant to be played like a thug. Football is meant to be played with skill, artistry and intelligence. Its the beautiful...
This sums it up. Barcelona's Gerard Piqué was predictably unsympathetic to Real Madrid's complaints. "Before going down to 10 men they hadn't played any foo...
They're not soft. Modern-day people are sick and tired of seeing the thuggish style of play that Leeds United started. We don't want thugs. We want skill, in...
Stop masking what really happened. Pepe went in Studs-first. That's a red card. Case closed. Move on.
And why would he be more stringent to Real Madrid? Not because of a conspiracy. Because they had been kicking the s**t out of their opponents up until then. ...
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