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5 years ago
Chelsea play all type of football. It depends on who the play against. Get a life
6 years ago
Get a life mate. We have played without lampard and Drogba this season.
7 years ago
That is the fact.
Go and have a life. Barca cant beat Spurs at home.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Grow up mate. You dont wish people that. Can you wish that for yourself?
You sound like a kid.
Take heart mate. He will surely win medals in chelsea.
Take heart mate. If you were him you wont resist the offer. You have got to win medals.
You speak like a looser. Be a man mate.
Alrite, i accepted u as a friend. now be a real friend and tell me who that is on ur pic!!!
I totally agree with you dude
8 years ago
Essien to Real Madrid? Can't believe it. Another crazy one. By the way do we really need Essien that much since we did well without him? Lets hear your views.
Chelsea dont sruggle in big games. We have always won all domestic big games. As regards the CL we have always played 11 against 12 with the ref the 12th player...
Please give us a daily motion........this sucks
What was the score at oldtraford between man u and chelsea?
What was the score at oldtraford between man u and chelsea?
It seems Ashley Cole was great today. He was really missed. If not for the injury the title should have been in the bag by now. Anyway winning it on the final d...
Watch the game without sentiments. The best side should always win but in some cases it is the other way round. If this happens let hope that next time our tea...
Welcome to footytube :)
What a pic
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