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Seems like two groups of 4 will just have to do..
2 years ago
Okay I'm just trolling, probably won't make it out of the group stage -_-
I'm winning this tournament btw. Just so you guys know. Lol I picked up Fifa again.
Do you read before you post OmedKing? Lol no Bayern. Jstblayze - man city
Jstblayze 2 - 1 omedking
Jstblayze90 0- 2 Maza .. Gg brah. Sirigu with the assists -_-
Jstblayze 2-1 punsandguns
Gg ziggy.
Jsyblayze90 2-0 rakshasan
Jstblayze90 - PSG
Relistk1la no where to be found..
@yaldho when are you going to be on? I'll be on in about 4-5 hours.
3 years ago
Yup, was gona complain about the Drog dudes connection also, but didn't want to sound like I was bitching. His connection is awful and annoying.
Drogs817 1 - 1 Jstblayze
Jstblayze90- PSG
Best of luck to everyone
Gg guys. I'm not just that great to win this with Atletico, they are too slow & immobile. Would have been a story to tell If I even made it out of the group. Pl...
Message me online when you are. I'll get it on the app and come on.
Lol. are you on Qarxis?
Y'all took all the good teams. lol let's see how this goes
4 years ago
5 years ago
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Jstblayze is now friends with Dawich
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