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Seems like two groups of 4 will just have to do..
1 year ago
Okay I'm just trolling, probably won't make it out of the group stage -_-
I'm winning this tournament btw. Just so you guys know. Lol I picked up Fifa again.
Do you read before you post OmedKing? Lol no Bayern. Jstblayze - man city
Jstblayze 2 - 1 omedking
Jstblayze90 0- 2 Maza .. Gg brah. Sirigu with the assists -_-
Jstblayze 2-1 punsandguns
Gg ziggy.
Jsyblayze90 2-0 rakshasan
Jstblayze90 - PSG
Relistk1la no where to be found..
@yaldho when are you going to be on? I'll be on in about 4-5 hours.
Yup, was gona complain about the Drog dudes connection also, but didn't want to sound like I was bitching. His connection is awful and annoying.
Drogs817 1 - 1 Jstblayze
Jstblayze90- PSG
Best of luck to everyone
Gg guys. I'm not just that great to win this with Atletico, they are too slow & immobile. Would have been a story to tell If I even made it out of the group. Pl...
Message me online when you are. I'll get it on the app and come on.
2 years ago
Lol. are you on Qarxis?
Y'all took all the good teams. lol let's see how this goes
3 years ago
4 years ago
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Jstblayze is now friends with Dawich
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