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Why would that be douchey to say? I just haven't heard it mentioned elsewhere. But I'll take your word. If the retroactive fines/suspensions were only given ...
6 years ago
Diving can easily be cleaned out of football. It's obvious in instant replay when a player dives. Call that "manipulating the referee," and define it as again...
I wish they'd played Scholes and Berbatov against Barca last year. They needed that total fluency with the ball those two have, not Chicarito's crazy-scared, h...
Guys, Balotelli's latest indiscretion is no laughing matter.
How cash strapped has Wenger been? The man's an institution. He proved with the Invincibles that he can win. Let him stay. Let them get their finances strai...
Awesome awesome
Mancini is a pretty joyless dude.
I'm starting to feel bad for De Gea though...
De Gea's got the Almunia face going... not sure he's as nice a guy though. If only Man U had Neuer...
De Gea seems slow on his feet. Pressure will do that to you if you let it get to you, and I sense he's let it get to him. Natural of course, but not good when...
United might have a goalkeeping crisis this year. Lindegaard might be their best, though I'm not sure he has the charisma and presence to be worthy of this clu...
I'm usually an Almunia protetor but that was horrible. Actually he made the same mistake in the game everyone lauds him for, last year's Champions League match...
7 years ago
Can we all take a moment and remember not to give Almunia any credit? Write Sczezny on the back of that jersey and each of his breakaway saves would have been ...
God I would love it if Almunia proved everyone so wrong. He has so much talent. Along with Hart and Reina, one of the best shot-stoppers in the whole league, ...
The important thing to remember, though, is that Arsenal needs a new keeper. I am tired of Almunia's steady stream of tremendous saves!
The man's name is Joe Hart. Time to use him.
8 years ago
God I miss Daily Motion. Footytube, can we get those videos back up? They never fail, unlike this one which randomly quits downloading.
I don't get why Fabianski is so defended, yet if this was Almunia, he'd be crucified. Almunia's a better keeper than Fabianski.
Berbatov's biggest problem is confidence. It's not there. But it's in him. And he still has sight of that. I wouldn't be shocked that if Man U. kept their f...
Messi's amazing, but he's #2 to Ronaldo. If Ronaldo had Xavi and Iniesta feeding him balls all day long? Then again Messi's style might fit a bit better with ...
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