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5 years ago
If sturridge throws away half the selfish s**t he does, he'd be a perfect addition to the team not saying he isn't right now, but he could be better
Jsrrr just Watched
Valencia Vs. PSG
Jsrrr nominated M. Škrtel (8') for Goal of the Week
De gea's progression is great
Rodwell the 12th BVB player. LOL
3rd goal torres goal... classic torres run and finish. i missed you torres.
6 years ago
Young graduated from ronaldo's school and he's learning the ways of busquets now. idk if i should be happy about this...
Usual recent united, s**t playing de gea has every right to f*****g yell at our back four... i think he did a superb job trying to keep the team alive and being...
@Hakataka: more like a rich snob
Good game by basel.. they deserved it more than us cause they wanted it more than us. we really need to get a creative midfielder and a defender to replace evan...
Fergie, i still don't understand why you play evans. older than smalling and jones, more experienced even, and yet he screws up big time and is a f*****g black ...
Am i the only one who thinks avb and mata look very much alike?
I think klasnic deserves more credit and attention.. he's such an underrated performer for the team
Of course you'd say that because you're a barca supporter..
Hahahahahahahahahahah you are the funniest gooner i've seen
7 years ago
Hey do you have a msn or skype?
Hahaha, "well well well." cole was definitely offsides but it hit elmander? hmm. but still, i hope liverpool climb back top because it is not pleasant to see ...
It's okay mates, we were robbed 3 points also
Cmon liverpool. you sacked benitez and nothing changed. got worse. roy, go back to fulham.
Do you have a msn?
Balotelli is an arrogant bastard.
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