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If we were to make this change I would expect Lewandowski to be in the center attacking position the vast majority of the time. He would however have to be open...
Mila really impressed me VS scotland. Was a game changer from the start we really need someone with his playmaking ability. This should be the line up if you as...
Hes also a better finisher/goal scorer then kuba which counts for a lot. But ya I agree Kuba is better in possession, defense, passing, decision making. More ex...
Ya. Wonder if kuba will get the start (health permiting) or if he will come on as a sub. Klopp may choose to keep the rotation going and rest one of the reus, m...
Any idea what the starting lineup vs Napoli is gona look like?
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Fifa is literally addictive. Last 3 years have not purchased any other video games. Just no need don't play anything else.
LOL just saw this. Fifas been making some interesting commercials for this edition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVNyt4zMPHg
Ya. The offense has looked better though the last couple games. I think the recent addition of technique based young players around kuba and lewy has showed som...
Its been a while and I am a little late but yesterdays game was a pleasure to watch. 8 goals in a match is never a problem for me lol. This aubameyang fellow h...
Owszem. Glik ma potencial zeby byc solidnym obronca. Seria A to bardzo dobry poziom. Miejmy nadzieje ze przynajmniej offensywa zacznie jakos funcjonowac
Mecz byl niezly. Sobota powinien wybiec w pierszej 11 na czarnogore. Szkoda ze defensywa gra slabo czaly czas.
Polska potrebuje trenera o pokroju Beenhakeera. Mamy wystarczajaczo duzo talentu zeby byc przyzwoita druzyna
So now that iv recovered from my post game depression some thoughts 1) Dortmund played really well. No shame. It was just a super season for Bayern. had we fin...
Last final finished. Bachelor of Arts completed thank you very much. What better way to celebrate but to get retarded drunk and watch my team play in the champi...
Dope interview Kloopo is truly my favorite coach in the world and it has nothing to do with him being dortmunds coach. Dude it just brilliant and a lil crazy ...
Love his pace as well. Players that can turn on the jets always get me hype
Werd exactly. He has truly developed from a player "who has a lot of potential but does not do much" to a player that realized his potential and consistently co...
In honor of kuba extending his contract http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq3icYMjcvE
No way will goetze ever be as good as messi. And thats with all due respect to goetze who I think is a great player. Messi is going down as the greatest of all ...
Sorry but majority of madrid fans and barca fans I have meet are faggots. such band wagon fans at least here in america. makes me sick. We in the final f**k yo...
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