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1 year ago
Can I get that link? I missed the roommate is a Spurs fan and I would love to rub on his face!
We made Croatia look like Barcelona..
I think that's due to the inexperienced players in the team
Mexico was awful. Our forwards need to finish those opportunities if we are planning on advancing. I don't think we penetrated their defense as much as we shoul...
I think they should really take those chances from outside the box and shoot
Speed skating short track! It's the only sport that Korea can actually win gold
Did he say he's going to leave? Wonder where he'll go.
Does the Olympics start after the Euros?
Avoiding the service won't mean anything if Arsenal doesn't let him play!!
Why couldn't Woy do that for us?!
I think Gerrard should be Captain America, since he is a captain for both Liverpool and England.
I was only able to see the first half. For some reason to me we looked like little kids playing against an older team. I saw a lot of missed passes, but surpris...
If the players get tired with this, then how tired will they be once we're in Europe
2 years ago
Every time we lose, doesn't matter how, YNWA song just comes to my mind automatically and I start humming. Does anybody else experience the same thing?
Really, Uzbekistan? The way they played against us for the friendly, it's hard to believe that they're in
A lot of new faces introduced for this game and the Uzbek game, and didn't see much team chemistry due to it. Too many mistakes, and unnecessary challenges. I w...
From the highlights, after the first goal we were very quiet. The two goals in the second half are good goals, but I think it's because of Oman's fitness. As fo...
Finally just a week away!!!
I think Kagawa would be a nice play maker
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