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Jp111 wrote in In Spain v Italy
It's the truth. Italy didn't deserve to get as far as they got anyway.
5 years ago
Serves Italy right. Teams that rely too much on the goal keeper don't deserve to win.
It definitely looked like the initial cross was offside. had the defense not touched it, it would have been offside. this play of this game looked more like a s...
7 years ago
This was not the german team that beat england or argentina. here i was thinking they were balanced throughout the line up, but germany is nothing without muell...
I never thought id see the US at the top of our group!
Pure heart and soul, what a game! i've been impressed by our composure and ability to set the pace of games, with the exception of the first half with Slovenia....
So long, farewell, get the f**k out! hahah
I really enjoyed the fluidity of this game, one of the best so far. and i think its interesting that people are using individual talents to reflect the overall ...
That's the first time i've seen any of them smile or laugh the whole tournament.
All the south american teams are on top of their groups and have played incredibly well. i've been really impressed with both chile and uruguay, the other two g...
Hahahahaaha deep breath hahahahah ...only in france
I hope england kicks the bloody s**t out of the sloves. and the first foul from dempsey was obviously unintentional. i don't know why all of you are getting you...
What's your reasoning? they outplayed them the whole game. the sloves just got dirtier and dirtier.
How was the even close to being offside?!?! At one point I had respect for Slovenia, and then they turned dirty and cheap... like Australia. They have no right ...
Someone explain to me how our 3rd goal was discounted. I can't for the life of my understand where the fowl was, other than three slovenians grabbing and holdin...
Almost as boring as new zealand and slovakia
No one wants to see the national anthem as a highlight, this is comprehensively lame.
USA did a great job disrupting England's rhythm. I've never seen a US team force a team like England into a "plan b". The US's dedication and heart, above all t...
DC won because of the shotty referees. a missed off side and a poorly called penalty kick.
I think he just did, ponchoman.
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