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Joshtch gave the France v Netherlands video a rating of 1
Joshtch nominated G. Bale (72') for Goal of the Week
I'd love to see Arsenal repeat their game from last season when they go to the Allianz next month. It's too bad though, they're going to be swamped with big gam...
You forget that Kroos's brilliant pass was the reason Szczęsny was sent off in the first place. Only 5 missed passes out of 152, and they weren't all in the mi...
Kolo should hang up his boots. I hate to be harsh but, come on, two games in a row?
That was nearly two years ago, on penalties. Water under the bridge. I just want to see us win in Germany for once, even if it's against the out-of-form Schalke...
Yes, free those humility demons SpennyP.
Don't know where Adam's second came from, but I like it.
West Ham were completely outclassed. The Etihad is truly the lions' den of English football.
Oh no he's back! :)
"Hand of God" implies it worked--which I guess from Juve's perspective it did. A "reverse" hand of God... a hand of doG?
Better link:
Great fighting spirit from Sunderland. Seems like they had all the chances in extra time. Nice composure from Ki for the winner.
So wow. Very goal. Amazing.
Here are all 24 of Soldado's goals last season for Valencia: , notice any trends? Soldado is one of the best poachers on the planet, th...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Poor Pipita, and poor Napoli. Had they been in just about any other group, they would've been through for sure.
Group of Death, any other group and they would've all gone through.
Talk about a group of death! As a neutral, it was exciting to watch, but I can only imagine how I would feel to be in their position. Poor Napoli, to go out des...
Great goal! Wesley hasn't had the greatest time since his Inter days (see: Euro 2012), so it's good to see him regain some of his form.
... and beat them at home, no less.
Three goals from crosses into the box... I'm probably overgeneralizing, but it seems like Italian defenses tend to be too narrow, giving opposing wingers too mu...
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