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Joshd24 nominated D. Ba (49') for Goal of the Week
About time MU got a taste of their own medicine. Not too keen on MU myself but disappointed they are now out.. No english teams will be making it to the quarter...
How can Fergs get away with what he says about the refs? No respect.. Should have gotten the win tho. unlucky.. But you have been lucky all season regarding cal...
How many times have we seen someone get smacked in the face or head with a ball? We get a lot worse through head clashes. Not once has anyone said it could have...
Have to agree with you there. The defender didn't even try to contest the ball. He was already walking away from it. Trying for the foul instead of properly def...
So quiet at the Etihad
Chelsea finally plays closer to New Zealand. Still I have to stay up stupid hours to watch them. Haven't missed one yet though.
Sad news that Romeu is out for six months. Mikel is off to ACN, Essien on loan at Madrid, Mireles sold. What do you reckon will happen in the CM/DM positions? ...
Rooney is the king of scuffed shots. Still him and RVP best forwards in the league. What is up with City?
It goes both ways, yes. But if you look at the Chelsea Man U games over the past few years, United always seem to be favoured. Drogba's goal was offside back i...
Thanks for your input mate.... Why do kids on here get so worked up? It's my own opinion on the game.
Rooney playing well which is good to see. If only Sturridge was fit.. Still not convinced by Welbeck to be honest.
Welbeck clearly was looking for the penalty. He anticipated the dive. Why not just jump over him and score? He was fouled in the end but we all know what he was...
Wow that's sportsmanship right there. Carragher playing keepy uppies with Di Natale hahah
Was Ferdinand mucking around on twitter during the match?
People saying CHelsea were lucky? Arsenal didn't deserve to lose? Even Wenger said too! Watch the whole match before you say anything. These highlights don't r...
Not liking our midfield situation. Another 2010/11 would be a disaster. At least we have the creative, flair players this time, but now we have no strength or m...
Him or Tiote and I will be a very happy man. more so than if we brought in Hulk or Moses. It would beef and speed up our midfield so we could dominate the middl...
Great contest ruined by abysmal refereeing in this game. The red was harsh, but to give it to Ivanovic like that right after Savic was wrongfully kept on the fi...
Fuuuuarkkkkkk yes Drogbaaaaa best night in London last night!!!! Still haven't slept!!!! Keep the blue flag flying high!!!
6 years ago
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