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I even didnot see him with the ball errrrrrr
6 years ago
But u r quite rude but i agree with u
Argintina should have won!but no offence 4 argintina 4 their silly defence and a cool goal from aguro anyway argtina should win
This game was seriously suck!Argentina just want to show that they can come back to win their game.So they use losy team to win/ poor defence/no attack after th...
7 years ago
Stupid game is clearly a offside ~refree c**k eye
Somewhere on FootyTube
Ronaldo do not want to go to city coz of mu fan..truly i think he done a good thing
Villa handball was so sure a penalty to mu....
Good game anyway
Somewhere on FootyTube
Edebayor i hate u
It not a pk it outside the box but i should say it a foul but not a red think mu have so many injured player they need evra and im also a mu fan
Why would barce need him? i also prefer nilmar or some yongster like jack wilsher
Hey mate have you heard of the artist Jonsi?? Really good music especially "Around Us"!
Ya lo lol
Oh man che it too late to play better aston villa should have won!!
Messi never core how disappointing but did he play?
Somewhere on FootyTube
I love barcelona
No way they rather sell to barce but barce do not need him at all he would be on the bench like marcherano
Of course
It kidding me!no way ars selling they would choose barcelona no way reaal for sure feb want to go barce
Sorry it spain
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