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If Gareth Bale was playing today from the start, we would've been up by 2 or 3 goals. With his pace and Ronaldo more counter attack chances would be created. Bu...
4 hours ago
REAL MADRID!!!. I couldn't help but to bet big on this. Finale here we come.
2 days ago
I'm watching Barcelona match, I feel so bad for them. The whole team playing like s**t, but yet they have the nerves to blame Tata instead of the players. when ...
3 days ago
Someone need to edit that gareth bale photo into super saiyan bale from dragon ball z.
6 days ago
That's the bale kind of goal we all been waiting for and it came at just few right time. For his confidence and the team.
I live in New York city. For some reason, everone I see in Barcelona Jersey. I automatically dislike them.
1 week ago
Does that make me a mean or rude person? Anyone else react the same to Barcelona fan in public
I want them to lose like Barcelona did yesterday with their top players.
Not a good look for A. Madrid I hope that's not as BAD as it looks.
I wish to see the best of our Captain the legendary #1 for these coming weeks. All my loyal, dedicated real Madrid, comment hala Madrid!!!!!
IMO. I think I want Real Madrid to win the La Decima the year when CR7 will retire. Think about it, if we win it now. Then what? What we'll be playing so hard f...
Well Dang, just imagine if Costa was fully fit for these last games. What a nightmare it would've been for Barcelona
2 weeks ago
I just can't understand why Gareth Bale didn't take the penalty kick. Di Maria has been amazing lately, but Bale needed that goal to silent critics
I'm super excited for the 1st leg at home. We can do this... hala madrid!!!!
They have a barcelona fan page, make use of it.
I see a little tension between Ronaldo and Bale during the celebration of Bale's second goal. Anyone else notice it?. That's not a good sign man.
What If next league fixture. Real Madrid Win .. Barcelona draw and A. Madrid Loses. That would make La Liga hyper!
This is getting out of control now, if our team motivator iker don't come back to the starting 11. I'm taking a break next season from footytube, real madrid. S...
Realfan, Bale worth too much to be in games like these. no one like dirty players like atletico
1 month ago
I was actually rooting for Atletico Madrid few months ago win the title for a change, but the way these guys play dirty. It's ridiculous. If madrid wasn't playi...
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