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Wait!! And it's somewhat similar to Di Maria run in the final last season.. I'm assuming that's the way to get around them :)
4 days ago
Full credit to CR7 for making that awesome run down the right side.. Similar to James run last game... Well deserved win guys, road to championship
To perez It's not about the win, since it won't affect Carlos Win streak. It's all about money and everyone in madrid camp was okay with that.
3 months ago
I've been telling a few madrid fans, before the game that those wealthy fans in Dubai bought out the game Against Ac Milan. They paid us so much money for this ...
I just read a post saying. If Cr7 wasn't so handsome, he'd be the best player in the world. Which is arguably true.
5 months ago
I feel bad for Bale, he can't score for shyt lol. Overall good game!!! But I feel we should've score at least 7-0 from all the chances we created.
6 months ago
Let's see if everyone going to Score besides Benzema. Normally it's BBC, now, what's the next Abv. for this season?
7 months ago
He's doing too much upfront. He shouldn't be in all those position to cross in the first place.. no wonder bale looking so poor lately.
8 months ago
Imo. Carvajal is doing too much, Bale or any other player that switch to the right wing gets no room, no space because he's always attacking on that flank.. he ...
Just saw an article with the title. Can James Rodriguez shine like Kaka for Real Madrid? My madridistas, Isn't that disrespectful?
9 months ago
Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo still at Man United. You guys believe he'd be as good as he his today? (Stats, fame and records) Madrid made more money off Cristiano...
D= carvajal-varane-ramos-marcelo M= F= bale- benezma- ronaldo
Portugal or Argentina my first choice, but my eyes on France as well
10 months ago
The difference C. Ronaldo appearance can make on the field. That guy is something special
If we win this I'm done following Real Madrid for a few years. Watching them is not good for my heart (literally)
11 months ago
My biggest fear was that A. Madrid would play roughly. And madrid don't have pepe, Alonzo to keep up with them.
Looking back on this La Liga season. Atletico Madrid surely deserves the title. Diego Costa and his teammates and coaching staff did a fantastic job. Some great...
NO RONALDO AND NO BALE. It's obvious that the league title won't be ours this season.
R. MADRID win their remaining 3 games- 92points Atletico Madrid beat malaga- 91 points Bacelona win their 2 remaining games- 91 Fingers cross. HALA MADRID!!!
Thank god he matured, as much as I like talented players. Watching that video annoyed the shyt outta me. Selfish, attention w.ore. he was just too much back the...
12 months ago
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