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The moment I saw that stupid grin on Forlan's face, I knew there'd be no goal. Could learn something from Jesús Navas; a well struck, well placed penalty takes...
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5 years ago
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Would Falcao play for Mourinho?
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Jojosanz just Watched
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Europa League, European Supercup, now a domestic cup; Atletico has steadily gathered some silverware. Hope Falcao stays with them at least for next season's Cha...
It's not about winning the CL every season. I don't think any team has consecutively in recent history. It's about losing the tie 7-0. Vilanova making changes i...
And after this Vilanova would still say Barça don't need many changes over the summer? He might be right. They may just need one, to start.
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You might be right, Tito. Not too many changes. Maybe just one, to start.
This was written before the outcome of this match: But I found it po...
Not to defend Tito, specially the way he handled this match but, he did start off with a better record as manager than Pep did. But it certainly didn't end as w...
I am aware when they hired him. I just wondered, if the reason was an attraction to the system he employs, which would be Barcelona's system, the very one Bayer...
I guess the question I'm left with after this match, if I had any say in how Bayern go about their business is, why would I want to hire Guardiola?
This was close. Málaga have provided the strongest challenge yet for Barça this season. They are good enough a side to contend for another trophy. Barcelona ...
Regardless of how I feel about Mourinho, all this alleged friction in the RM locker room is fueled by, and only benefits, Marca. The team has had a rough patch...
That last goal, Messi was like "Excuse me fellas, but I just gotta follow through on this back heel from my buddy Andrés. There, have it back."
I liked how Busi made Courtois sit on the grass on Barça's go ahead goal.
Given how forward Barça play their defensive line, that opening goal was a present. Yet that's Falcao, you give him the ball in open space and you get a goal....
Falcao, don't board a sinking ship.
Falcao, don't board a sinking ship.
: )
Do the three stripes represent Adidas? I'm just asking because I don't know what other stripes you might be referring to.
Leading up to it, this match promised to be a challenge for Barça, specially at Levante's home. Yet they've managed to make it look like an easy one, if only b...
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