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I see aston villa finally made there way into the relegation zone.Does anybody on here really think Harry can keep the rangers from going to the Championship.He...
5 years ago
Alex Ferguson would say,"the lad is lucky to be alive"."It could of killed em".
Somewhere on FootyTube
Ya want some cheese to go with that whine,fergie's such a cry baby.
Looks like this forum douched out.I'm oughta here.To much pettiness for my blood.
You can have another cool seeing you gave me two cools and I gave you one cool:).
Two cool votes right back at ya.Thanks for the friend request.Cheers mate.
1 cool vote for you:)
Should of been a draw.And we all no why.What a disgraceful call on that first goal.
What a pleasure to watch Gerrard in this match.His passing is amazing.And the smile on his face after his goal was like a childs.You can tell he truly loves the...
Thanks for looking out.Peace.
Cool,thanks man.
Does anyone know of a free streaming site for EPL games?I don't like to download stuff,just stream.
Does anyone know of some sites that I can stream live EPL matches on?I don't want to download anything.Just stream.I'm not too savvy when it comes to downloadin...
I'm looking forward to seeing the Tottenham/Swansea game Sunday.They're my favorite two teams in the EPL.Of course Tottenham is my #1.I really don't like making...
The hate on the EPL forum is pretty bad.I don't get into that aspect of this game.Petty,pathetic,hateful people say thing's that reflect themselves.f**k-em.No i...
That was an amazing assist.Wow!That pass had more curve on it than Jennifer Lopez's ass.hahaaha!
Hi Johnny, Looks like you managed to figure it out, as right now, while it says you are a fan of 2 teams, it shows just Tottenham in there and nothing else. W...
How's it going Magneto?I went to edit my profile and I can't figure out how to change that I'm a {fan of} Barcelona to something different.The Spurs will always...
That's hilarious.haha
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