Johnniecris (John Cris) cant wait for sunday.. chelsea v man u
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Am a passionate soccer fan. Soccer is in my blood and its my life. love Man United and Barcelona. But Man U all the way
Totally hate Arsenal and liverpool, they are the main rivals for man u alongside chelsea
Just for Fun (Midfielder) Simba FC
I love soccer/football. When I was three i started kicking a soccer ball that was made out of plastic bags and rubber bands. I love people who are passionate about the sports, especially man united fans lol.. But for real people am just ready to meet and talk to people who are passionate about football. Also i Have a blog where all the fans come and there is serious lively debate. check it out guys, its
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Its cool mate :)
7 years ago
Wot ManUTD
Yea thanks, but avoid saying man u it's disrespectful. Try Man Utd or Manchester Utd :)
I am not really a rival of anyone LOL I have a slight dislike to your team though but I expect you the same about Arsenal. Well done for beating Chelsea and I s...
Thx for the add senthil
Thx for the add man. and oh if you are talking about "inception" the movie, man that movie had me dreaming all night lol
Thx for the add Yogan
Thx for the add Raj
Thx for the add man
Anytime man... thx for see you an AC milan fan
Yo thanks for the add! :)
Thx for the add
No problem man.. looks like we gona be rivals man since your an arsenal fan hahaha...
Thanks very much for the add ;)
Waz up man. i see you are a Man u fan.. MAN U all the wayyyyyy. thanks for the add btw.. MAN U to win the league this season
Who do yall think is the best defender. Puyol to me is good and sick, but Lucio is just too good on the ball, the guy is big too, can dribble can head his fast,...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Beautiful! Amazingly Beautiful! this Spanish midfield maestro just make you love football even more, it can make you fall in love lol. Just watching the silky I...
Spain has the best midfield in this world cup, and i can hardly deny to not think it is still better than the ones in 2006 world cup. Even fabregas can even sta...
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