Johndoe (Joey) thank you REDS for coming to Malaysia!
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GERRARD, aquilani, suarez, babel, torres(CUT)

and roberto baggio!
Man united, sir alex, c.ronaldo, cantona, MANURES!! and drogba.. torres(PASTE)
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8 months ago
9 months ago
Now gloryhunters can go back to supporting brazil!
1 year ago
Yesterday was the best! got to see the reds for the first time in malaysia. the atmosphere of a full stadium of 80,000 was incredible! you can read it anywhere,...
2 years ago
Hey there, i'm from malaysia and i went to the game yesterday. it was a total blast to see the reds for the first time in malaysia. my advice,PLEASE DONT BE LIK...
Thnx guys.. YNWA!!
3 years ago
Where can i stream live?? help pleaseeee....
Kuyt should have stayed up front
Maxi is way better than ngog!!
SELL NGOG!!! i'm sick of him! where is JOVANOVIC??
Kelly, cara, skrtel, wilson is really a bad combination.. useless!! and things just got worst! should have been maxi rather than ngog!!
Suarez is crazy!!
You grow up xtrem7! you are lucky esso02 covered your @$$!!
Playing against the home team and 3 strikers up front is terrifying. but we had better chances... suarez and the show begins! love to see cech shouting at his ...
Its a good move. hate glory hunters! Good luck winning everything!! won the world cup with d.villa scoring most of the goals!! hahh cheers b***h!
LIVERPOOL is REborn!! The kuyt the man! World Class! and i like how gerrard tried to score like the way he used to.. how hard? gerrard! seems everyone is gett...
The kuyt that we havent seen for aaaaa while... its like red carpet for our new players!
Yeah.. great liverpool play when subs come in around the hour mark.. then rafa just simply changed his mind.. and then roy.. but in kenny we trust!! come on! we...
Yeah! and he has years ahead of him. he is truly a 'special' player.. with a good finish, passing, speed, moves.. what a waste..
Hope to see suarez scores on his debut! and hopes he keeps his hands off the ball!!
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