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7 hours ago
3 days ago
Looking more like Real to be La Liga campeones.
6 days ago
Yes, it's annoying.
@ 1.35 someone farts
2 months ago
Ouch! That's gotta hurt!
Here's hoping for a winning 2014. Let's start by beating Elche convincingly!
3 months ago
Hell to Madrid
Looks like pubes, no? :-)
It would be nice to get some English highlights on this site every once in a while, considering the majority of people that use this site speak English and not ...
4 months ago
A fortuitous goal from a defensive error and a goal from a corner kick and Moyes is saying they should have won? What did they do to deserve to win?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Bale will be lucky to ever play in a World Cup, no disrespect to Wales.
Zlatan I suppose. :-(
Fair enough. I can appreciate what you're saying. Musical preference is extremely subjective, but the difference between a lot of talent and zero to no talent i...
"Stoner lounge is good too" No it's not, stop lying! Those are the words of a person who shouldn't really be talking about music. A subject that's not meant fo...
Break, ha ha, funny. Lucky it wasn't played over two "legs" ..No, your one was better. :)
You have to think of the rankings too. Plus winning friendlies does no harm for the morale ahead of the world cup. I know you don't want your players to get inj...
No, Isco doesn't defend, doesn't run up and down the field all game, and will not hang back to aid Xabi when Modric moves forward because Isco isn't a defensive...
The team can still play without Khedira. He will be back playing in time for the WC I'm sure.
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