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Di Maria is half as affective when he plays on the left side. Argentina's best attacking players are left-footers. Too many left-footers. Di Maria, Messi and Dy...
7 months ago
Still early stages, but Brazil needs to step it up.
2 years ago
He got angry then he calmed down. There's nothing much more to to say about it. All the biting memes are done already anyway so even if he did bite (which he di...
Like I said, I don't support ANY football club. I put Barcelona as my team simple because I enjoy watching them. I'd love to see Levante win La Liga or anybody ...
I'm neutral or if you like you could say I'm smart and don't jump on any band wagon. that's also acceptable, I'll take that. Thank you. BUT! There's a But :) I ...
Kids these days with their social media garbage. When I was 15 (20 years ago) there was none of that nonsense. I would kick a ball around and make plenty of fri...
Can Arsenal win the EPL this year? There are no easy games in this league. :)
They can do it.
Maradona Rudd Gullit Ronaldinho Gaucho Xavi Messi Honorable mention; Michael Laudrup, Diego Forlan, Riquelme, Aimar, Roberto Carlos.
Jogador thought the Sunderland v Everton match was poor
3 years ago
Everybody just relax. I'm not a trying to be a "troll" (I hate to use those buzz words like "troll" or whatever you kids say these days.) I was probably a bit r...
I knew Real would win with their ability to score goals out of nothing. Barca look vulnerable and will drop more points before Real do.
Pewpew makes a good point. Why are you making an argument out of it? Anyone with a brain would agree with what's he's saying and not argue about it, but of cour...
Getting used to seeing Man United hovering around 7th place.
Jogador gave the Portugal given Ronaldo fitness boost video a rating of 1
Jogador is now friends with Lynchmob
First you must consider goal difference then if still tied goals scored is considered and if still tied after that then Head-to-head results are considered as a...
If Barca win last game 1. Barcelona 89pts (wins the league on Goal difference) 2. Athletico Madrid 89pts 3. Real Madrid 87 (if also wins last game) If Athletic...
Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Real lost to Celta de Vigo while Barca and Athletico both drew to Elche and Malaga respectively? All 3 dropped points at this ...
Suarez is certainly more aggressive than Aguero. Both players are good finishers and have good technique, but I'd rather have Suarez in my team playing up front...
A little off topic I know, but is anyone else having trouble trying to play the latest football news clips on this site?
Still the best league in the world in terms of late drama, surprises, heroes and villains, atmosphere, best fans, good sportsmanship, dedication and commitment,...
Dani Alves might have left the proverbial banana peel on the pitch because that was real slip up against Getafe.
Jogador gave the THE TITLE RACE IS ON | City Today | 28th April video a rating of 1
4 years ago
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