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I think he is, all be it poorly, referring to the fact that norwich beat man u
No way! keep it pure...thats the beauty of football, its the biggest sport in the world but has never been poisoned...its a part of the game, I support everton ...
Timmy cahill hahaha? get some fresh footage you lazy gits!
FiserDT on the money... north of guate is north america, south of and including guate is central america.. parts of southern USA was mexico at one point!
Lucky?? haa
If only they started lukaku!
I think whitehartrogue's comment should be reported and deleted
Think he was referring to his club bud
Magneto you have set a precedent as far as 'jokes' or 'baiting' on the premiership wall is concerned. if you decide to continue your stance as far as 'posts'...
Why was my comment removed? just a little joke from an everton fan, geez i've seen alot worse on this site....
Mirallas looking like a great pick up.. moyes strikes again
Fellanini! could be his year
If you don't have hazard in your respective dreamteams, i'd be making that change quick smart, the man is slick!
I read the city video above as 'player concern mounts for manchini' nearly convinced myself he'd collapsed on the field!
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