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Until the club stops making money, it'll stay the same. Time for another green/gold-like campaign.... United's modern success is built off of being well-drille...
1 day ago
^and that's what talent does, it creates something out of nothing. Even when Jose plays his, he's got them so drilled as to not take chances that these guys loo...
He's saying Jose has the perfect excuse to spin it that way due to the nature of the last 2 goals
Absolutely will GotIbra. Won't be less frustrating, but it'd be endlessly more entertaining than seeing us play for draws week in and week out.
True enough about Pogba, but this was ridiculous by Mourinho. 1-1 at half while playing like crap, what do we do coming out? Get rid of our only width (Dalot), ...
This is the absurdity of the situation. We KNOW the defense is bad. Hell, Jose's been complaining about it since the summer. So does he expect them to keep cle...
He wouldn't have sold shirts m8, would have been bad business lol
Shaqiri was a good piece of business that I was hoping United were pursuing over the summer. But as he doesn't help our brand, I bet he didn't get a look.
Compare this to the NLD. Arsenal weren't playing great but were in the game at half. Emery brings on Lacazette and Ramsey and they smash Spurs. What does Jose h...
We weren't playing well and yet it was 1-1. Then we didn't put on Pogba, didn't put on Mata, didn't put on Martial. It was potentially there for the taking, thi...
I'll be honest, I don't get this
6 days ago
Rest everybody we can midweek if possible.
1 week ago
Aguero especially, Sterling was snuffed out as a false 9. Will be an interesting race. Liverpool are having one of those seasons where everything is sort of goi...
Gained a point on the top spot lol
For sure, next step is trying to find a way past defenders too
Dalot needs to be our starting RB. Thanks for the service Young and Valencia, but it's time. Surely he will make mistakes defensively and take some time getting...
Well it's the result we needed 3 weeks ago against Palace, but better late than never. Maybe it gives us a bit of confidence going forward into next week, espec...
Not an exciting prospect considering our defense, but we've got to look at it as an opportunity to put a dent in their title hopes. It's a derby, anything can h...
Rashford has that in him! Just need to see it consistently Both he and Lukaku, first home goals of the season. As depressing as that is, hopefully our attack c...
And Lukaku's goal (Mate was off right?)
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