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Raj, so what? They go down this season, they most likely get up next season. Look at Newcastle and Rafa. You cycle through managers, you lose continuity and cou...
Hey on the bright side, we should win
I think it's dumb. If he gets them relegated, so what? He's a good enough manager that he'd bring them back up next season, most likely.
Absolutely ridiculous. He won Leicester City the Premier League less than a year ago. It's really a pathetic fact of English football, managers are sacked way ...
1 day ago
2 days ago
I think we got a good deal off of Danny, which is why we let him go in the first place. But he's a talented player, and I still like him. He was just wasn't goi...
Jose says that if he were to guess right now, Mkhi and Carrick won't play on Sunday. Not a medical decision though, so we'll see what the docs have to say.
It was originally scheduled on the same day as the League Cup Final
Good for us. Extra day to prepare for the final
3 days ago
I prefer Joymac tbh hahaha
@Liq, it really is a wonderful irony.
4 days ago
Kiran, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that if a United fan thinks Chelsea parks the bus under Conte, a Chelsea fan coming back by saying United park th...
I guess my point is that maybe you should be less focused on proving a point, because that's only going to cause other fans to lash back at you on it and not ta...
5 days ago
I think we can all appreciate your honesty Bazinga. But let me ask you, why do you want to perpetuate falsehoods? Instead of responding to criticisms of your te...
Maybe simply coming from a different perspective, but I don't think this is a dig at Chelsea. He's simply stating what's true for United right now, and that's t...
"Enjoy 6th place" From his high and lofty position, 1 point ahead in 5th
It's just football fans being tribal, and thus hypocritical. It'll happen with United fans too, if it hasn't already; people who hated him then will love him no...
Most stacked QF that I can remember. Chance that 4 of the top 6 teams end up in the semis unless someone fluffs it
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