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I don't think we're going to see long-term success until we get new management. We're run too much like a sterile, money-making business.
3 days ago
It looks good with the black shorts, problem is since our home kit has black shorts this year, what are we going to wear when it clashes? A pale pink top with p...
4 days ago
Okay so far
Marcos Rojo changed his number to 16. Great, frees up that #5 for a defende.... oh wait.
Makings of a good transitioning team are visible. Look a bit more organized too.
5 days ago
For what it's worth, I think you're winning the league this year. At least that's where my money is, so I won't be too upset if I lose it :D
Oh I'm sure I'll be sucked into making the rounds again at some point, Tomi.
Y'all still expect this guy to make sense, or otherwise respond to it? Props.
6 days ago
Yeah if Leicester had scored more goals than United it would have been a different story. A team like Leicester can score goals, I see them score more than the ...
Sanchez: tried to do too much Fred: raw, but talented and smart Pogba: excellent Bailly/Lindelof: impressive together Pereira: competent as a deep CM I think w...
Makes runs too early. Good run, just too soon
Andy Mitten had a good tweet to the effect of "this is our team, let's support them." You can be skeptical about Mourinho's ability to improve us, that the sig...
1 week ago
Quit using logic SIF, that doesn't support the narrative!
Hey last time we played Leicester on opening day we won the Treble lol
So which CB will it be today? John Terry? Steve Bruce? That guy from the pub team?
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