Joeymac Who put the ball in the Germans' net?
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@ Luth Yes, LvG loves Fellaini because he has made a difference in games. Figure that, the player Moyes brought in, the player Moyes was familiar with, is bet...
That's the "only" thing? Really? If LvG was the manager last season, we probably wouldn't be out of Europe, we probably wouldn't have spent 30 million on both ...
1 day ago
I think it's very situational and relative. The increase in prestige is good for clubs like Swansea, Birmingham, Bradford, etc. to participate in and win a mean...
Surely it was 2002-03. That season, we had out first lead in that table on April 12, beating Arsenal by 5 points at the end of the campaign.
Simple solution. We re-hire Moyes for away games, let LvG coach at OT.
@Cheshire, that's your right too. That's why the report button is there.
3 days ago
From 1999-2009 (11 seasons), here's how many times the traditional "Big Four" finished in the top four: Arsenal (11) Chelsea (8) Liverpool (8) Manchester Unit...
Yeah mate I get what you're saying, by no means am I offended either, I thought it was hilarious. I'm just saying he's well within his right to report it if he ...
4 days ago
Let's be real, it's really just a chase for 3rd because Arsenal WILL finish 4th....
^But can they beat Stoke on a cold and rainy Tuesday night?
@Gohonaf, as true as that may be in the real world, the same rules that apply to not offending homosexual people and various races on this website surely apply ...
Yeah, I really miss last year.
We've already played Southampton twice. Added to what ManUK said, despite how poorly we play sometimes, our home form is still very good, and we still play To...
It's not that SAF failed to see the talent, it's that he made the talent wait out of principle. It was a lesson to Pogba to show that no player is bigger than ...
5 days ago
With Spurs and Liverpool out, and Arsenal soon to be knocked out of the Champions League, everyone will be fighting tooth and nail for those 3-4 spots. Only 2 o...
6 days ago
Anyone know a place where I can watch this match online? 2007-08 CL Final?
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Joeymac Who put the ball in the Germans' net?
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