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Moe, to play devil's advocate, if you're basing a "flop" off of relative production, what would you term Fabregas? His second half production has been nowhere n...
21 hours ago
Out of curiosity, what exactly is a "train incident"? Hopefully not the same as Chelsea's in Paris '_'
Favorite players of the past 20 years or so (without them all being United players). van der Sar Lahm-Maldini-Vidic-Irwin Scholes-Pirlo-Iniesta Ronaldo-Ole-Gig...
2 days ago
I'm thinking Iceland and Wales.
One thing Giggs will have no problem with (at first) is commanding the dressing room. All he'll have to do is point at the trophy cabinet. I don't think Giggs ...
I'd agree that it's more about the way we went in to Anfield and handed it to them. Even Gary Neville said on live TV that it was the best start to a game at An...
Martinez and Rodgers have both experimented with the 3-5-2 before, as well as Mancini a few years ago with City. However (from what I remember), I don't think ...
3 days ago
There's always the Red Bulls.
5 days ago
Joeymac changed his status
Joeymac has as many titles as Stevie G
6 days ago
It's in our constitution that no titles of "lord" shall be given. Except for Lord Bendtner.
We'll keep it in the former Arsenal camp, van Persie for you if United win. Goalless draw, we change pics out of shame haha, any other draw, we keep our own.
He's got to be a starter. Screw accommodating our strikers, we need to accommodate Mata.
Switch profile pics? If United win, you sport Ole, if City win, I'll brave Milner. Maybe confuse a few people on the site lol.
If we're nit-picking, Balotelli gets a second yellow for grabbing Smalling's foot and tripping him during their brief fracas... lol.
1 week ago
Hey City fans, since apparently you have more guts than those on Merseyside, I'm willing to make a similar bet for the Derby, all in good fun.
It went from "Jones is dirty" to "Jones is dangerous," and I see a significant difference between the two. Never did I say that Jones' challenges weren't danger...
Yeah I'm sure it was Jones' intention to whiff the clearance.
Definitely not smokin the stuff that makes me equate that tackle (which he was carded for) with a stamp.
Jones didn't mask anything. They WERE football plays. He just is a hard, clumsy, player, sometimes stupidly so. He puts his body at everything, which is why he'...
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