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LvG's mindset fit United, just not his footballing philosophy. As of now, yes I am loving life under Mourinho- and this coming from a person who was not exactly...
3 hours ago
"Valencia would rather sell Mustafi for more rather than less." Michael Owen
It's a little less annoying when you have 20 titles lol jk I'm done #crying :D But in all seriousness it is strange. Never anyone to blame but ourselves though...
@SIF, maybe not happy, but I'm sure he'd rather play a little bit than none at all. But no it doesn't make entire sense to be paying him to sit on the bench, bu...
2 days ago
I get why he's not preferred, but surely there is still some use for him throughout the rest of the season?
Yeah it's more "honorable" in the sporting mindset to make a foul for your team and suffer the consequences than it is to con the ref into believing that the ot...
4 days ago
Fellaini had a great game at Bournemouth. Schneiderlin will have to play his way into the team right now.
1 week ago
Haven't beaten Southampton at Old Trafford since Fergie retired if I remember correctly. Time to reverse that trend!
I loved the Evra imitation!
It's not just the number of fouls, but also the type of fouls. For instance, Martial may be on the list at #4 most fouls, but how often do you see him go in wit...
It would be unacceptable to sell Jones and Rojo for Fonte imo. Fonte is a good player, but he's on the end of his career. Jones and Rojo haven't been able to st...
I enjoyed our game. I thought we had more freedom in attack than we've seen under LvG, much more interchangeability and flow. Still, you can tell that the empha...
Yeah very calm, imposing, and strong, he's definitely one to keep an eye on.
They're still not match sharp, and playing without like 5 players right? Liverpool were always expected to start the season off strongly
Think we'll stay up this year
League predictions? I kinda hate myself for doing this as I always think it's pretty silly to predict the season, and after Leicester last season it's so hard t...
2 weeks ago
Woodward is a businessman through and through. He sees signing players as a way to secure more sponsorships. Thankfully he's stepped back far enough so as to al...
The only Real Madrid manager in the last 8 years to dethrone Barca in the league? I'll take him! Good banter lads, Nandos on me :P
Wasn't the whole point of FFP just to prevent clubs from spending more than they earn? (Not necessarily to limit spending, the only real way to do that would be...
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