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But Fellaini? Bring Rooney on for Fellaini next time then.
9 hours ago
If we all acknowledge that the squad isn't good enough, then absolutely.
10 hours ago
We did the same stuff today that we did against Arsenal and Stoke! Outplayed them for 70 minutes, then sat back, brought a CM on for our best playmakers (Mata, ...
He's just the greatest #lovehim
Look, I'm not jumping on "Mourinho out," but managers are supposed to change. Of course he's doing it because it's been successful in the past. But you know wha...
The tactics have never been the problem, but why persist with the same type of substitutions when they've consistently failed throughout the season? Yeah, the p...
I have supported him time and time again, trying to justify his inclusion in the squad and usefulness in the team. But at the end of the day, the man is clumsy,...
Because Pogba and Ibra and Carrick and the rest of our mobile players aren't tall enough right?
Fellaini absolutely f*****g useless. I sincerely hope he never plays for us again. But look, you close a game by keeping the ball, holding possession. Not by in...
They rightly have, but honest to God, why is he brining on Fellaini there. It's just not a great sub.
Fellaini should never play for this club again
11 hours ago
Damn we're gonna have 10 minutes of extra time
You've got to give credit to Everton in this one, in my opinion. They're pressing hard and fast and cutting out passing lanes. I think we're coping well, not pl...
Jones has been quite good I think
The problem with England is never just the manager, it's the general mindset around the team, the individual players, and the expectations set by the media. It'...
1 day ago
Maybe just maybe Conte was the best managerial grab of them all? Chelsea have got the squad to do nasty business immediately, but Conte has them playing some fr...
Naija, all I'm saying is that we've played good football for the most part (Chelsea was the biggest exception). The tactics are not what's holding us back right...
4 days ago
Can we keep playing Martial in important matches, please? I think he's gotten enough of a rest and it's quite clear that we need him to get the goals that Ibra ...
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