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Barring some absolute Messi magic, I think Liverpool will win comfortably at home and get an away goal pretty easily to clinch the tie
16 hours ago
I think we will lose because City is better than we are. At "best" I can envision an emotional draw for us that wins you lot the title and leaves us 1 point out...
Mourinho may be right, but what I see Ole trying to do is get us playing the way we need to be playing first, then get the "better players" that Jose refers to ...
I think the answer now is that United clearly regressed to the mean. Ole did fantastically to get us in reach, but I don't think we have enough to pull out top ...
3 days ago
This is honestly an accurate representation of where we are atm. Board absolutely needs to recognize that. We all knew Jose spoke a degree of truth. I really ...
4 days ago
If you had told me 10 years ago that Ashley Young, at age 33, would start at RB for United against Barca at the Nou Camp in a CL QF, I would honestly have had n...
Well as soon as I saw this, I checked in, and Liverpool scored 2 quick goals lol.
6 days ago
We've either got to get quality, or go young and rely on coaching and potential--the Dalot signing being the example there. I hope it's a mix of both. A world c...
1 week ago
Well that was the Watford game all over again, if not worse. Tough on West Ham, but vital 3 points for us. We just look gassed and dull. Too many misplaced pas...
A regression towards the mean... This squad is a 4th-6th place squad. Ole did great to get them into the hunt for top 4, but an overhaul is still necessary
Wow Martial has been so poor
Surely, Young was awful. He can hardly seem to get in a cross these days, and his passes down the touchline were woeful
For what seems like the 5th time, thanks for the service to the club, but I don't want to see Ashley Young starting for us anymore. Loving what I saw from McTo...
I think Rashford is better overall player. Jesus a better poacher/finisher. Part of that is bc Rashford has more experience at wing, Jesus at CF
2 weeks ago
There is not harmony, agreed, and to an extent it's because we're still dealing with a mix of players, coming from 4 different managers who had 4 different visi...
Build a team. That needs to be the main focus; not titles (yet), not stars in the squad, not anything except building a team and getting focused on a short-term...
Yeah, but we're 3 points off 3rd. And Mou had us nowhere close to that.
Ha, it's true... we can't beat them
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