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I like that Tim is getting minutes. Good to see the academy players there, especially Pogba... lol ;)
23 hours ago
Didd the Telegraph one day just wake up and decide that they wanted to make a story, so just start waltzing around undercover offering people bribes? I'm not e...
Bailly takes no prisoners though either.
I f*****g love Schweinsteiger. One of my favorite midfielders of all time. It's just too bad that we won't see him under Mourinho, it's just how it is.
Manager: Xhaka vs Hull Player: Xhaka vs Hull Goal: ... Henderson :D
3 days ago
Well that's just foolish!
Maybe, if Liverpool were capable of attracting Messi and Neymar to Merseyside
4 days ago
All this makes me actually like Pep even more. He's being proactive for the sake of the club, nothing wrong with that. Hopefully we're about to see Mourinho do ...
If Basti can be punted to the side, it shouldn't be complicated to drop Wayne when he's not playing well. You don't have to send him to play in the reserves, bu...
I agree that Herrera will have a big role to play, when he plays well we all do. If you overlook him, he can score goals too.
^^^this is clever
5 days ago
Well I think it's clearly affecting our offensive play. Not enough movement, we're too easy to defend against right now and are relying on individual brilliance...
1 week ago
Ha, for you maybe :D
Surely it is. There was a point in time, not too long ago, when I would argue that Rooney still had something to offer this time. I can't really find anything r...
See what happens with a little EFFORT and DETERMINATION.... the rest of the team could f*****g learn something.
Rashford gets on to the end of 2 of those balls I think. We're an embarrassment right now
Definitely you lol
What the f**k are we doing
That is unacceptable Wayne, no reason to be offsides there. Lazy
Mmmm Carra you finely aged cheese
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