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Lay off of them man. They already suffer enough at our expense. What else can they do when one of their best seasons in years is still somehow worse than one of...
17 hours ago
They are a classy club. Constantly getting their best players bought off of them but they stay successful and continue to give youth a chance.
Proud of this team man, winning in light of everything going down in Manchester the past few days. All things considered, yes, the season was a success. 2 troph...
21 hours ago
^^^Well good thing we didn't spend 80m just for this one season of productivity, then.
"Poor" and "impressive" relative to what? That there's a higher player turnover and thus more sales/lower net? If so, sure. But if a club makes money, and they ...
2 days ago
If 6 of 11 (more than half) starters have won a title at the club, add in Kante who won it last year, Pedro and Luiz who have had success overseas, to me that q...
4 days ago
Bazinga, you sound like Jose, getting so defensive from a compliment ;)
In your opinion, is Mitchell a long-term option at LB?
Bazinga, your psychoanalyses of our manager and our players grow tiresome... it's a never-ending saga because you insist on making it continue. Jose didn't even...
Pep and Jose ended up having harder jobs than even they thought IMO. Klopp and Poch are both in interesting positions where their teams have done well, but stil...
5 days ago
Not just pitch dimensions, but rather the feeling that they don't really have an out-and-out "home" next season. Perhaps smaller clubs relishing the chance to "...
If Pogba plays for us for 8 years, his fee winds up to 10 million a year. Worth it.
Interesting thoughts: Do you think playing at Wembley will hurt Spurs next season?
6 days ago
The question on the CDM front is if Jose considers Herrera a true anchoring midfielder. I think Ander is good and smart enough to adapt his game, and he did an...
"he sometimes tries too hard in the big games" This is perhaps the best analysis of Pogba's shortcomings this season (in addition to his tendency to hit the po...
I agree with the two above posts, a new DM for a 3 man midfield, strong and consistent ST, and a real LB would go a long way for us
Agreed, I don't think you can doubt Kane's ability, but Spurs are not getting him and he probably wouldn't want to leave right now anyhow
Define playmaker. All I know is Mata has been our most consistent player the past few seasons as far as creative runs, passes, and plays that lead to goals.
I've been thinking through the same problem SIF, I just can't bring myself to imagine Griezmann being up top by himself, especially not when you consider Jose's...
1 week ago
The danger here is letting the apathy towards the league flow over into the Final. Players must know that they're being allowed to take some slack on a league c...
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