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Best business we've done in a while imo, for when he played he was the only star player we've signed that actually hit the mark. This year was disappointing tha...
1 day ago
Most useful for my team right now would be a Roy Keane
Crowd has been good today
1 week ago
I'm not blaming Fellaini, I don't hate the guy, I'm just tired of seeing him play the important games for us
If Fellaini starts I will cry
How interesting would it be if they did overall seeding from 1-16 based on group stage finishes?
We would have gone out versus Bayern most likely. They're having a subtly dominant season and are the favorites to win it for me, but just having the chance to ...
The difference is that Moyes said it like a deer in headlights and right before (or after) playing them, I think it was. They're both right in the sentiment, an...
I both agree and disagree. I think the quality is there to work from: Pogba, Sanchez, Lukaku, Mata, Martial, Bailly, these guys have it. But there's a definite ...
The kid was in the front seat, right between Carra and the idiot father. If Carra didn't see the child, then he's blind.
We lost the tie tactically over 2 games, and no doubt about it that it's on Mourinho. As good as he got it against Liverpool and Chelsea these past two weeks, t...
Right, we're stuck in a place where we're trying to be what were not, and so we forsake what we *could* be. The Fellaini tactic will forever be baffling. Inju...
Preface: I like Jose, or at least like him as much as one can considering his mannerisms and character. But something has to change. Someone said it here, and I...
It's not Fellaini himself per se, it's the decision to revolve our play around him
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it." As good as he got it against Liverpool, that's how bad he got it today. Start with not playing Rashford on the left after a ...
We're inept! Even the chances we get are just woeful attempts. Smalling could have 2 goals. Pogba can't pass to open men.
Terrible strategy. As much of a masterclass we put on Liverpool, complete opposite today. We can't stand up and play versus Sevilla at home? Instead rely on dir...
Garbage. Mou got it wrong, the team didn't play, the crowd was nervy from the start. Good job Sevilla. Said it was a do or die week, and we just got killed.
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