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Still baffles me that we were haggling over price for Pedro. Silly silly silly.
13 hours ago
Januzaj's progress has been great, but he still gets pushed around in the league. About three months ago I'd say 75% of us were calling for him to be loaned. Of...
He's won nearly just as many league titles. He's won 7 leagues, at least one everywhere he's been, compared to 8 cups, 3 of which were super cups of some variet...
We got our goal last season: CL. It's only the fourth game of the season, we've still got plenty of time to reach the goal of getting a trophy this season. LvG'...
1 day ago
Doesn't sound very "peace-ful"... he he.
Our current one. Though if SAF was managing the other one, it'd be at least 50/50 lol.
Lol wut
2 days ago
De Gea feels right now like we felt for 3 months.
I mean I remember you but I see it's not reciprocated, so..... lol.
If it facilitates actual talk of tactics, etc on other pages, then I'm all for it. I think we all love banter, but it gets annoying when it disrupts good conve...
Until you see the blank check... then things change, right David?
These transfers could end up being genius, or they could potentially cause LvG an early retirement. Time will tell, but these are our players for now. Let's ma...
I'm convinced that we as a club either do really good transfer business, or awful transfer business. Either we're paying around 15m for Darmian and Schweinstei...
Yeah but we're never going to get a huge amount off a GK who's contract runs out in less than a year.
Maybe Martial is going to be a great signing, maybe not. But the fact is, we cannot establish ourselves as a club that will throw away money just for the sake ...
They're both right. Gary is thinking like SAF, which makes perfect sense since that's the way he played. It's a top-down approach: you score goals, which helps...
3 days ago
Swansea have beaten us 4 out of the last 5 times we've played them, I think. Until we can beat them on a consistent basis, they will and should be the favorite...
Someone already used this one last week against Newcastle. But by all means full steam ahead.
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Joeymac has as many titles as Stevie G
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