Joeymac Who put the ball in the Germans' net?
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Honestly I'm just surprised the shortlist isn't the starting 11 of Real Madrid combined with the starting 11 or Barcelona, with Sepp Blatter rounding out the li...
3 days ago
As Yaldho says, you don't even have to watch the football to see the change. Van Gaal has brought a sense of optimism and determination to the club, players, an...
Umm, not really perspective, I think it's obvious that we're playing better than we were at any point in the season under Moyes, regardless of points at the mom...
"we're never going to see a good defence if we cant get a reliable back 4 playing together every week, a defence is all about understanding as much as talent." ...
Agreed. We looked confident from the 80th minute onward. No panicking, but constant and proactive determination. We haven't seen that in a while. Also, who the...
4 days ago
West Ham 2-1 Man City
5 days ago
Feel free not to read them, I don't think we'll care. Short enough for you?
1 week ago
Until he can do it without Suarez, I'll maintain my opinion that it was more Suarez's doing than his, a one-off. Not insulting his hard work (he's turned Liverp...
I completely disagree Khessler, this is not throwing Moyes under the bus at all. You're making comments on morality based on comments in a book, comments that a...
Origi hasn't been tested in the Premier League, so not enough on him to say either way. I would agree with SIF, the jury is still out on Rodgers as a manager. I...
Evil Kagawa "Liverpool require spirit of Istanbul to save game....I so sorry Liverpool. Galatasary 0 Dortmund 3 Spirit of Istanbul crushed by Kagawa!"
If you agree with what he said, then you wouldn't be calling it a "burn" or a "trash move." He defended his team in an update of an autobiography. Hardly classi...
I honestly don't see much wrong. It's not a shot. SAF worked with United for 25 years. Not only this, he fashioned the culture of the club after decades of unde...
Honestly, besides the practicality of doing something like this, I think it's just be flat out cool. Imagine the highlights on MOTD, wonder goals from the refe...
Love how they were making fun of us for celebrating a 4-0 win against QPR.... and they barely scrape by with QPR scoring for them.
No.... They just played like s**t, I agree. Their first 3 goals were almost freak goals, or at least very preventable. Take that away, and they lose 5-0, which ...
I don't think it'll be anyone on such a large scale. Neymar and Bale will probably be the closest, but we didn't have Messi/Pele replacement directly after they...
No no no f**k it should have been me. But since it's not, I guess Badge is a decent choice..... Lol nice job mate.
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Joeymac Who put the ball in the Germans' net?
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