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From the fans' perspective, to be fair to them, they pay to see wins, goals, entertainment, and we've only occasionally offered wins ever since playing City. ...
18 hours ago
Result aside, I thought the first half was actually very good. But we pulled a stinker in the second half, and we can't afford to do that at Leicester. Problem...
19 hours ago
Agree with Shiwa, technically speaking, Scholes can say whatever the hell he wants. But this endless nagging about how it's "not like it used to be" is pretty p...
1 day ago
The lack of movement is annoying. We're so static.
2 days ago
Could be a disastrous result if we don't find our way through to the next round. There's a point where too much structure can be... well, too much. The team ju...
Memphis will be fine, unless you lot keep laying into him and don't give him the support he needs. Memphis isn't the sole reason we drew today.
Second half has not been good.
Jesse mate you gotta score
I'm a little confused by the decision. I get that the old circle badge is traditional, but the majority of your success/international recognition has come under...
Changing the subject a bit, but I think we can make a good run if we get out of the group stage. Our squad seems built for the CL, with a good defense and the a...
We just need one win from our next 2 games, and we are through.
Honest question: What's the allure to play for Madrid? Weather? Salary? For the past 10 years, besides a successful season every now and again, they've largely...
5 days ago
City are useless without the ball... their defense is unorganized and clumsy looking. They really miss Fernandinho in the middle. Toure showing his deficiencies...
6 days ago
That was just embarrassing. Liverpool look good, and City have looked clueless from the 1st minute. Devastating combination.
Good goal from Memphis today :D
Hell f****n yeah Ander. Love the passion.
Cue "lucky United" comments XD
Bale.... eh Muller.... no wait, Pogba... actually, it'd be great to have CR7 back.... buuut, Bale's younger..... but wait, Muller.... '_'
1 week ago
Massively overhyped how, exactly? What do you see in his personal game that (a) isn't good enough for a 19 year old, (b) he doesn't seem to have the ability to ...
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Joeymac has as many titles as Stevie G
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