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"We're just not very good at it" is quite right. I think Jose hoped Sanchez could be to him now what Hazard was to him 3 years ago--the individual threat that w...
16 hours ago
Good thing the feeling is mutual
1 day ago
Hell yeah, I could use a good SSN
So play Martial on the left mkay
Https:// ^"Not propaganda," says FootballisCity, pointing to his dramatic post.
3 days ago
I'll get up because Chelsea play good football. How we do against them will tell us how we'll do the rest of the year against the rest of the top 6. We've alrea...
Hope this experiment is true, sometimes the guys on the pitch play like fruit
1 week ago
Http:// Join us in Manchester then Eden...
The question here is will Shaquiri's flashes of really quality football be enough to match Salah's consistent workrate and chance creation even if he hasn't fou...
I think City will start to see some separation once de Bruyne returns. Chelsea and Liverpool will do enough to keep up imo, but the depth in the long run could ...
I think Poch as a younger, attack-focused manager would get patience from the fans. And if the board is anything, it is patient, ironically enough. Right now I ...
Yaldho, does the cart come before or after the horse though? Someone like Poch might not win immediately here, but if we give him the time to put the structure ...
Who is SAF? What is an SAF? WHY, HOW?! But this is great haha, it just shows me you started watching football around 2012, coincidentally about the time City s...
Happy birthday Sir Bobby :)
I personally would not want Conte. If Mou can't turn it around, situationally Conte has the best experience having replaced Mou before. But I have my reservatio...
Deffy we all know the guy by now, I'm just trying to have as much fun with it as I can
It's not jinxed, it's just the result of poor long-term planning and the pressure of maintaining such a heavyweight club. There's not been enough continuity fro...
20 times bitchz Really would like to credit City with 5 but man that 1936-37 First Division was trash, absolute garbage, couldn't compete with teams today, so ...
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