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Agreed, Wenger is great at avoiding generic "manager speak."
7 hours ago
Giggs will get the job eventually. Just be patient, there's no reason to throw him to the fire if there's even just the slightest risk of him not being ready.
I really hope he can grow out of this. He's 23 (nearly 24), so it needs to happen soon if it's going to happen at all. Near the end of the season last year he ...
15 hours ago
It's not a matter of "should" this time, it's a matter of necessity.
Breaking down the rest of our season into two halves, it's vital that we go on a good stretch up until the City game: Sunderland > Arsenal > Watford > WBA > Pa...
Things is, will United fans be as patient with Giggs as they're not with LvG? I would back Giggs as SIF says, and I truly think Giggs will one day be a success...
2 days ago
Protest the ticket prices the way you want, but to me the most effective way seems to be to not buy the tickets in the first place.
5 days ago
The defending was bad on that play. 1-0 up in the 90th minute, no idea why Blind and Smalling are trying to charge people down at that moment.
Everyone's a critic today, and we really should have won, but the underlying fact is that we did play good football today. We just needed to win, and didn't- bu...
You guys would have had a heart attack after the loss to Villa in 95.
The team had 80 minutes to score more than one goal.
Probably that both the halftime and final whistle were blown at times when it looked like we could have been on a break.
We haven't beaten Chelsea in 10 games? FFS.
Changed my mind, we should have f*****g won. But the problem again, that we can't score more than 1 goal. We needed 3 points badly.
WTF happened?
We need better holdup from Rooney!
Studs shown by Mikel. That's a foul at least.
What a save... Darmian gets clattered again.
So what happens if, some way, LvG drags us into a top 4 finish? Does he still go, does he stay the full 3 years?
1 week ago
Well done well done well done.
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