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This is time for us to pick up some consistency... need a good result against Chelsea
KevMo, I'm not just talking about the weekend mate. I hover around each forum frequently to see what everybody's talking about, and from my personal observation...
3 days ago
Honestly as much as we like to make out Anfield as a tough place to play, we actually do pretty damn well against them there. I think it's something like we've ...
Of course all fans do it, but there seems to be a certain degree of hostility and vitriol on that forum that you don't find on a consistent basis elsewhere.
So it can be clear I'm not just throwing this up there as a "Oh look, Liverpool are only 5th after Klopp joined, ha ha." By extension, it helps explain why Chel...
4 days ago
Agreed Barra, people were just waiting to ride Liverpool about how their attacking magicians put us to shambles, and now everybody's upset that we nullified the...
Premier League table since Klopp joined Liverpool; since then Guardiola has joined City and Mourinho has left Chelsea and joined United. 1 Tottenham 75 2 Arsen...
We actually dominate at Anfield relative to the rest of the league. Maybe we should have won, but at this point I agree with Kiran that you can't be mad about a...
Love it, some fans are gonna be saaaaaalty
Good points. Either way we completely nullified what they wanted to do, just couldn't get a goal of our own.
Yeah, we did want a draw. I'll be the first one to admit that that's perhaps not the best attitude to have all the time, but in the future Mourinho knows that t...
5 days ago
Pre match injury? Goodness idk
I don't see us having the pace to do serious damage... just Young and Rashford really
Looks like its tailored to this game but it's concerning how much creativity we lack on the wings. Clog the midfield then hit them on the counter with Young an...
Well, can't watch the game as I'll be at work, but I've got my fingers crossed for this one. Won't lie and say I'm feeling exceptionally confident, but if we pu...
Probably not as hungry considering they've had success, but no less loyal and desiring of future success. I think Mou's had the same assistant for a good 15 yea...
Sergio, you're too smart to be making such a ridiculous, one-sided argument. All these years of Madrid buying top players, who was the manager that actually got...
Thanks for the fact check, Pauli. Dani, Klopp is a great manager, but has less titles than Jose, hasn't won a cup final in a good bit, as well as leading a Dor...
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