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United w/ more trophies in the last year than City, Fooooooty. As close to the present as we're gonna get, this season should be a cracker :)
29 minutes ago
I don't know Dan, that's why I said "rumblings I've heard", could be BS on Twitter but even still deserves more of a look-in than a silly song about a big dick
31 minutes ago
Can someone post the whole chant? I can't imagine Lukaku having an issue with the fans claiming he has a large member haha. Which is why, until I see the chant...
6 hours ago
Maybe ahead on name, but way behind in the trophy cabinet ;)
Ashley Young is 32
23 hours ago
Last year, when we lost our first game, we lost another. When we drew the first time in the league, we didn't win again for 3 games. We had 15 total draws last ...
City by alphabetical order, literally lol.
2 days ago
Everton fans are so petty and I absolutely LOVE Lukaku giving it to them at the end. And I am happy when Martial scores. Not the greatest performance until the...
I love it. Suck a fat one Everton boo-boys!
Whew yes!
Unless it's a cup final, Lingard is never going to score those lol
Rashford looks off today
I think a fit Pogba eats this game alive. So much space for him to stride forward in midfield. Edit: Agree that Mkhi is a little slow to make the pass, and Ras...
Lot more space than I expected, which is creating a lot of individual battles that I must say Everton is getting the better of. Either be more aggressive and wi...
Great point. Everton essentially playing with 5 defenders and 2 DMs. We'll have to watch out for Davies, Baines, and Martina on the counter, but otherwise I exp...
Fellaini-Matic midfield, won't say I'm not anxious to see how that works out. Good news is Mata starting on the right, he'll give them plenty of options when he...
@Silva, I agree, and I think you're probably right that they could easily be relegated. Obviously the season is long, and like I said I definitely disagree with...
We'll sell you Fellaini and LvG's long-ball notebook for 100m. But I was coming here to ask the same question: what would you consider Klopp's plan B to be? Yo...
3 days ago
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