Joeymac Who put the ball in the Germans' net?
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Evil Kagawa "Liverpool require spirit of Istanbul to save game....I so sorry Liverpool. Galatasary 0 Dortmund 3 Spirit of Istanbul crushed by Kagawa!"
4 hours ago
If you agree with what he said, then you wouldn't be calling it a "burn" or a "trash move." He defended his team in an update of an autobiography. Hardly classi...
9 hours ago
I honestly don't see much wrong. It's not a shot. SAF worked with United for 25 years. Not only this, he fashioned the culture of the club after decades of unde...
23 hours ago
Honestly, besides the practicality of doing something like this, I think it's just be flat out cool. Imagine the highlights on MOTD, wonder goals from the refe...
2 days ago
Love how they were making fun of us for celebrating a 4-0 win against QPR.... and they barely scrape by with QPR scoring for them.
3 days ago
No.... They just played like s**t, I agree. Their first 3 goals were almost freak goals, or at least very preventable. Take that away, and they lose 5-0, which ...
I don't think it'll be anyone on such a large scale. Neymar and Bale will probably be the closest, but we didn't have Messi/Pele replacement directly after they...
4 days ago
No no no f**k it should have been me. But since it's not, I guess Badge is a decent choice..... Lol nice job mate.
@Liquidator, I like the distinction you make between coach and manager. And to be fair, if you're going to give Pep credit, Mourinho deserves some too.
6 days ago
I agree with DoesntMata, you can't deny Pep's talent as a manager. Saying he is the Rinus Michels of the 20th century is a bit of an overstatement for me, howev...
Is the consensus that Giggs will take over after immediately after van Gaal? Or, if a name like Klopp was on the market, would you be willing to see Giggs take ...
1 week ago
I think Carrick will really offer some helpful defensive cover and organization once he return. Jones too, he was looking great up until his injury.
In a De Gea/Di Maria for Vidal swap, the winner would be Juventus....
Most of the land area on the flag is Kosovo, a very controversial area. They declared independence from Serbia in 2008, which is recognized by "108 out of 193 (...
Suarez admitted he called Evra a term with ethnic and racial connotation- albeit skewed by a language difference, yes I understand. But an admittance from the m...
^English fans are entitled to that opinion. And regardless of what anyone thinks of Roy, he was hired to do a job as well. But I also agree with Bplittle that s...
A few reasons. First and foremost geographically, it doesn't make sense. Also, there's pride in English football. Interesting that Barca does have English roots...
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Joeymac Who put the ball in the Germans' net?
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