Joeymac Who put the ball in the Germans' net?
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If we keep winning, the players will continue to gain the confidence of playing the "philosophy" within the system. I know there are some that are very concerne...
12 hours ago
Next time we play Liverpool I'm expecting something like this: De Gea Rafael - Jones - Smalling - Carrick - Evans - Rojo - Shaw Mata - Rooney RvP Coutinho - S...
1 day ago
We'll agree to disagree mate. I always had confidence in his short-range shot stopping ability. The only thing that ever made me nervous was crosses, corners, a...
2 days ago
One thing I respect about CR7 is his intense work ethic. I have never seen any player work as hard as he does to become a better player. I'll be honest, I have...
To the original topic, just a question- how many of you actually watched De Gea, game in and game out (for entire games, not just MOTD highlights), during his f...
Yeah mate, but FIFA was all I played as far as videogames go from FIFA 10 onwards.
3 days ago
Every FIFA I've played up until this point, on my career mode I would play legendary, and still win relatively easily. But I can't play past world class on FIF...
@Proactivefan, I don't think we've dropped a point this season since Carrick has returned from injury. Might be coincidence, but perhaps not. I don't think Some...
^Not based off his requirements for what "best" means.
@Doc, and that's not to disagree that he's made improvements, because he certainly has.
@Doc, in my opinion there's a difference in saying De Gea "was not good enough to man the United goal" compared to that he was dropped because he simply wasn't ...
LOL saw this on ESPN comment section: "The only thing De Gea can't save? Brendan Rodgers' job." :P
The most relaxed and languid CB-ST battle of all time.
@Raj, SAF didn't drop him because he was s**t. He dropped him because his confidence was low- the media was on him, he was a young kid who had just moved to a n...
4 days ago
5 days ago
Only if it was the last option. We don't need a short-term fix, but rather players (non-injury prone players) that we can rely on and build a defense on.
Up 3-0 against Liverpool, that's a game I wish could go on forever. Here's some stats I was thinking about. David Moyes' first 6 games against the "big six": ...
I don't think we ever look good playing 3/5 at the back. The only times I remember us looking comfortable have been when we played the diamond. The problem is,...
De Gea scored twice?
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Joeymac Who put the ball in the Germans' net?
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