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I wouldn't underestimate the benefits that having all these top managers in one league will have on the English game. It's been a common criticism that English...
15 hours ago
A manager can also take pressure off the players with negative headlines, so in that way it goes both ways. Agree that hopefully things don't go as far as the C...
2 days ago
But there's only one Alan Pardew ;) In all seriousness though, don't forget Conte
Indeed, this club has never lacked ego: "We're Man Utd, we'll do what we want." I get that there's a balance between these antics and not making a farce of the...
I think the biggest thing is that it seems like a risk, but also one well worth taking. For once I see us being proactive as a club.
Tactics and footballing identity aside, some things that Mourinho will undoubtedly restore to this club: Fear factor: I reckon the days are over when teams lik...
5 days ago
@Cjay, I still remember the 7 defenders we fielded against them in an FA Cup fixture. Both the da Silva's, John O'Shea, etc.
You and us will be the only ones, I can imagine lol
1 week ago
Let's exercise patience for one as fans and just wait and see. A lot of fans didn't like LvG, and that's one of the reasons he's out. Maybe Mourinho has learned...
We've missed your prophesying
Classic of a match. Late goals, extra time, red card, drama all around.
I'm of the opinion that if Jose has taken his time off to learn from his mistakes, that he can come back a stronger all-around manager. Hopefully that's the cas...
I think that's the key, getting Rooney in a place where he can get on the ball enough but also high enough up to score. He's the best long-shooter on our team. ...
Lol Scholesy.... But I'll be happy winning the FA Cup. That, however, does not excuse our league form, which is why LvG will not be our manager next season.
League's about to get real interesting
Rumor that LvG will stay on and see out the remainder of his contract in a DOF role. Which could explain why he was allowed to pull the plug on Sanches?
Hahaha brilliant analogy
Don't think LvG is staying regardless. FA Cup is a nice way to end the season, but not making the CL is still a failure. I wouldn't be surprised if there are mo...
Don't think any United fans would have called it a Micky Mouse Cup, not the least when you and us are tied for the record :)
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