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Zilch wrote in On Joeymacs wall
Hey Joey, the only hammer coming down was on that vile user StretFordRed's head, he made all those awful accounts that appeared, making racist remarks about Ser...
4 hours ago
Just heard on the match replay, first time in 25 years that we've drawn with Liverpool both home and away in the same season.
9 hours ago
Shhhh don't let your facts hurt anyone's feelings
10 hours ago
Cheers for clearing everything up on the United forum. You're a good mod, and I understand there were many United users in the wrong this past weekend, but I ho...
20 hours ago
Next thing you know, he'll be rambling about how he'd love it if he'd beat us
I actually made a bet with a friend of mine. He said that Zlatan would get more than 15 goals this season, I said he would :D But image rights make it just a b...
Ya'll just be thankful we haven't executed order 66 yet
1 day ago
Pep will be fine in a year or two. Honestly his biggest failure right now is with the British media.
Gotta agree Cat, what motivates people to go to a rival's page immediately after a derby to stir up emotions is just beyond me. Bad for all parties. What's mor...
Stred, stick around and join the convos mate, I like your no-nonsense attitude haha. Hate that you had to expose Doc for us to notice you!
2 days ago
Thankfully Spurs were easy enough to just beat outright. Liverpool were a little harder to play, tactics needed to be adjusted. Btw, I was really impressed with...
Bazinga, we can't speak in generalizations about the past because we fans never has one single opinion of the man. I for one always remember sticking up (as mu...
Again, it's not about being unable to take a critic, it's about the way you present your criticisms. Though I think the point Stred is making is that he only se...
No you're not offensive, at least not to me. You're just tedious hahaha. We don't need a response about the relative degrees of likelihood of finishing somewher...
Doc, you try so hard to present the facts that you do in reality constantly misinterpret what other users are saying. Refer to my above post about how not ever...
Lol goodness gracious Doc do I need to file a restraining order or something. Football conversations are welcome, but frankly you nit-picking every thing we sa...
Gapha, no.
All over the place I see people slagging us off: "You're still in 6th, you've been in 6th for half the season, at the end of the day you'll still be in 6th." An...
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